Les infos sur l'iPhone 14 semblent avoir fuité ! Prise en main, prix, date... tout est là

The info on the iPhone 14 seems to have leaked! Getting started, price, date… it’s all there


news material The info on the iPhone 14 seems to have leaked! Getting started, price, date… it’s all there

We are about 1 month away from the release of the iPhone 14. As Apple’s next keynote is fast approaching, rumors are turning into leaks and sources are crossing. Today, it looks like we’re getting the first-ever iPhone 14 Pro hands-on review. Features, price, design, release date… here’s everything we know.

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A first grip of the iPhone 14 Pro 1 month before its release?

Let’s start with the basics: when it comes to leaks, all the information you can read from us and from our colleagues is to be taken with tweezers. That being said, when many proven sources all point in the same direction, the reliability of the information is still very strong.

Today’s news comes from LeaksAppleProwho dropped a bomb on his Twitter account: one of his sources would have handled the iPhone 14 Pro. Here is what comes out of it:

  • This seems to be confirmed: this is the end of the notch. It will be replaced by a double punch, one round and the other oblong. According to the leaker, this design change “doesn’t add anything new”. Thanks Sherlock.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max is thickit “feels like a brick”. Again, the leaker does not get wet, he does not even say if the phone is thicker than its predecessor or not. That being said, according to the source of LeakApplePro, the Apple smartphone seems to have increased its autonomy. Note the conditional.
  • There will be a large 48MP photo sensor to replace the 12MP one that has been there for generations. Interestingly, this new sensor would be one of the best in the world with a good dose of light but even more to pick up than the iPhone 13 Pro in night mode.
  • Exclusive information now: it looks like Apple upgraded their speakers. We will be entitled, in particular, to better bass.
  • As for the screen, the leaker does not note any change compared to the previous generation. No info on the famous Always On screen supposed to make an appearance this year. If he is absent, it will be a lot of disappointed, for sure.

the iPhone 14 range by EverythingApplePro

The info on the iPhone 14 seems to have leaked!  Getting started, price, date... it's all there

Price, date, features… all the leaks around the iPhone 14

We implied it a lot above, but most of the things revealed by the famous source of LeaksApplePro are actually information that has been circulating for a long time in the middle of tech fans.

In addition to what has already been said, we can add:

  • The arrival of the satellite connection to make emergency calls even without a network.
  • The arrival of a new chip reserved Pro models
  • The arrival of an iPhone 14 Max modelthe same size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max to replace the iPhone Mini range which has not met its audience
  • The possible consideration of the 30W fast charging

As for the price, it is likely to increase by around 15%, which is quite huge. Basically, depending on the model, people will have to pay between €100 and €200 more than last year. The price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max could therefore start around 1400€.

To justify such a massive increase in the launch prices of the Pro models to the general public, serious technical arguments will be needed. Some analysts are counting on a minimum storage of 256 GB instead of the usual 128 GB. The catch is that other equally reliable people claim that this will not be the case. Storage remains one of the few gray areas regarding the iPhone 14.

Release date level, analysts point to 2:

  • Either the future iPhone 14s are presented on September 6 for a released September 16.
  • Either they are presented on September 13 for a out September 23.

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