The influence sector is structured in a professional federation: Umicc - Influence strategy > Influences

The influence sector is structured in a professional federation: Umicc – Influence strategy > Influences

In the midst of the controversy over “influencers” and while the government has opened a public consultation to regulate the influence sector, agencies and content creators announced on January 18 the creation of the Union des professions de l’influence et content creators (Umicc).

Who would have thought that the war waged since May 2022 by Booba against the “popess of influence” Magali Berdah (Shauna Events), and those whom the rapper accuses of being “influencers”, would have such explosions on the sector of influence? If it now seemed necessary to give a good kick in the anthill, the first percussion came from the government: at the beginning of January 2023 (the 8th, precisely), the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industrial Sovereignty and of France, Bruno Lemaire, opened a public consultation on the profession of influence and content creation. History “to illuminate the outline and to set the framework”, explains the site dedicated to the collection of the opinions of the French whose contributions could feed the proposals of the minister by March 2023. On January 18, 2023, the actors of the sector of influence strike back. Determined to restore the image of influence by themselves, and to bring down the caricatures, they announced the creation of the Union of Influencers and Content Creators (Umicc)a professional federation bringing together players in the influence sector (influence agencies, content creator agencies, content creators, in particular).

On a mission ? “Promote a positive image of the sector and content creators with the public and in the media, propose the necessary developments and reforms to the public authorities so that the sector of influence benefits from an environment adapted to its development AND facilitate the work daily life of content creators by helping them to know their rights and duties”explains Umicc on a newly created website.

The Union of 7 influencer marketing agencies

Founded by 7 influencer marketing agencies (Bump, Follow, Influence4You, Point d’Orgue, Reech, Smile Conseil and Sputnik)the Union of influence professions and content creators says it wants to act for a “more responsible influence in order to protect consumers”. United, those that alone bring together more than a hundred content creators with between 100,000 and 18 million subscribers on the social networks YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, and 100,000 micro-creators of content, could well make the difference.

And since unity is strength, Umicc offers on its website the possibility of joining its federation, subject to compliance with a charter of good practices – the federation reserves the right to remove members who would not respect the rules, such as the establishment of a tax residence in France for agencies (and in the European Union for content creators). Bye-bye Dubai influencers and dropshipping (selling a low-cost product more expensive)… To date, according to Influence4You, 30 players have already applied for membership following the first meeting organized by Umicc on January 10th. Membership will result in obtaining an “agency label”.

An interim office of Umicc has been set up. Carine Fernandez, founder and CEO of Point d’Orgue takes over the presidency. Stéphane Bouillet, co-founder of Influence4You is general secretary; Rubben Chiche, co-founder of Foll-ow Agency, treasurer, and Galo Diallo, founder of Smile Conseil, vice-president.

The creation of a “designer label”

Umicc also announces a partnership with the Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority (ARPP), which works for responsible influence. Result the creation of a “designer label”whose obtaining by influencers / content creators is conditioned by membership of Umicc and by passing the ARPP Responsible Influence Certificate – in September 2022, 150 content creators had obtained it.

To develop the influence sector, the Umicc, which will bring the voice of the actors of influence to the government with one voice, has already brought to light 10 proposals, including the legal definition of what a content creator isthe “simple, clear, unique and unequivocal” indication of any paid speaking (which is already supposed to be the case) or, even, the prohibition of product shipments by brands and their agencies to content creators who have not explicitly agreed to receive them via prior ad-hoc request.

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