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The impact of technology, data and new KPIs in marketing


The COVID-19 crisis has caused big changes in the marketing industry. Professionals have been forced to rethink several aspects of their profession, such as their way of collaborating or the indicators that allow them to measure the success of their actions. To cope with these changes, it is essential for them to learn about new products and future trends. In its annual report “Focus on marketing”, the world leader in Salesforce CRM solutions provides an overview of the latest dynamics in the sector, with a focus on technology, data and new indicators of success.


Data, an essential performance lever for marketing

In marketing, data makes it possible to personalize engagement and offer appropriate content to customers at the right time. As a result, marketers almost instinctively turn to data to reach their customers. Today, 78% of professionals say that their interactions with their customers are data-driven.

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Google postpones the end of third-party cookies on Chrome to 2024

To create ever more relevant experiences, marketers are continually increasing the number of data sources they will leverage in the future, whether in B2B or B2C. After Apple, Google and other companies restrict the use of third-party cookies, data sources change. By downloading this white paper, you will discover the most popular ones in the marketing world.

The study points out that specialists have made very little progress in improving the accuracy and integration of data. However, this is what will allow a company to differentiate itself from another in terms of results. Technology will then play a key role: 78% of top performers say they use a customer data platform (CDP), compared to 58% of the lowest performers.


In all cases, marketers must ensure that the confidentiality and privacy of their customers are well respected. 78% of respondents say they have a global view of their customers’ consent choices, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The study even reveals that compared to the previous year, respondents go beyond the standards and privacy regulations they must follow. In this white paper, you will learn that this point of view is not shared by consumers.

New metrics and KPIs are preferred

Changes in consumer behavior have never been greater than since the health crisis. Marketing organizations have therefore been forced to review the criteria that allow them to measure the success of their actions. In fact, 78% of them changed their metrics or reprioritized because of the pandemic.

In this sense, marketers had to expand their key performance indicators (KPIs) from year to year. For now, revenue and funnel performance remain the metrics favored by marketers. The ebook also covers three specific types of KPIs to which marketing professionals pay particular attention to monitor the impact of their actions.

The study reveals that industry professionals pay particular attention to customer satisfaction metrics, such as Net Promoter Scores. They represent the percentage of customers who rate their likelihood of recommending a brand, product or service to a loved one. However, this is not the only metric to consider when evaluating its performance. This white paper will allow you to learn about the other KPIs to focus on in your future strategy.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that these metrics are only useful if they allow concrete actions to be taken. Marketers have had their eye on innovation and have automated these actions to assess their results in real time and adjust their strategy.

For all the major marketing trends, download the full report from Salesforce.


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