"The height of laziness", "Just aberrant", "Silly": a new concept of hiking exasperates the twittos

“The height of laziness”, “Just aberrant”, “Silly”: a new concept of hiking exasperates the twittos


Screenshot M6 Direct/Capital

Screenshot M6 Direct/Capital


This Sunday, August 7, 2022 in Capital on M6, viewers were able to discover new vacation concepts and nature activities. Among them, a tower designed for hiking and reaching a beautiful panorama without suffering. A curiosity located in Alsace, which has pissed off many Twitter users.

This Sunday, August 7, 2022, Capital on M6 was interested in nature holidays. A large part of the program was devoted to new trends around hiking, an activity practiced by 27 million French people during the holidays. The report notably put the spotlight on booming concepts, such as that of the festive trek. The cameras thus followed 500 hikers participating in an event of the type in the Vercors, over three days, between accommodation in tents, massages, entertainment and festive evenings.

On the Sentier des Douaniers in Brittany, there are more and more visitors. Every year, 10 million hikers do part of it. Some opt for itinerant stays of several days, during which they are accommodated, fed and guided. To simplify their journeys, another service is becoming more and more popular: carrying luggage. In the report, a taxi offered this service for the average sum of 10 euros per piece of luggage.

In the Vosges, a massif with no less than 18,000 km of hiking trails, everything is done to attract hikers who are still uninformed about the region. Thus, Christophe Lerouge, project manager of the destination, has developed easy hiking routes combining discovery of the landscapes and a detour to a typical local farmhouse-inn. Hiking themes are also offered, such as well-being hiking. For 80 euros, participants are entitled to a sensory immersion in the forest. Traveling blindfolded, meditating in a bathing suit, swimming in a six-degree spring to stimulate endorphins, etc., on twitter, this formula amused Internet users.

A tower that does not appeal to tweeters

But the concept presented a few minutes later made them lose their smiles. Still in the Vosges, and more precisely in Schoenenbourg, holidaymakers who are not very motivated by the effort can still afford the advantages of a hike. In the heart of the forest, a panoramic wood and steel tower has been built, called the Chemin des Cimes. 29 meters high, it is designed to allow visitors to gain height without suffering, thanks to ramps with an inclination of less than 6%. Thus, young and old can admire the treetops and the final panorama of the Rhine plain, the Black Forest and the Northern Vosges after a gentle spiral ascent.

But to do this, a short checkout is required: to hope to climb the tower, adults must pay 15 euros and children from 6 to 14 years old, 12 euros. To motivate them, a little train drops them off at the bottom of the tower, a mascot takes care of the entertainment on the course, and a giant slide awaits them at the top. Except that to borrow it, visitors have to take out their wallet again. The descent over 75 meters costs them two euros per person. One family interviewed calculated that the visit had cost them a total of around one hundred euros. On twitter, the commercial aspect and the concept of the place did not charm. For many, the place sold as a nature immersion is closer to an amusement park or shopping center, in short, a place of consumption. Some have even criticized this imposing tower for disfiguring the landscape to capitalize on the “laziness” of visitors. Visitors qualified as “hamsters”, as this tower makes them turn in circles…

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