The Growth Awards recognize the talents of French growth marketing

The Growth Awards recognize the talents of French growth marketing


For the first time in France, an event will reward the best in growth marketing. The Growth Awards project was born from the association of two entrepreneurs and growth experts, Coralie Dussart, founder of the growth marketing firm spagand Jérémy Goillot, who notably gathered around him the largest community of growth hackers in France via his project Growth.talent.

Growth marketing still not very visible in France

Growth marketing or growth hacking is the set of marketing techniques that ensure significant and rapid growth for a company, at each stage of the buying process. It is often illustrated by the English initial AARRR for “Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue”. Originally, the term was used to qualify the marketing strategies for the development of startups in the digital economy, but it now applies to much more varied types of businesses. For Coralie Dussart and Jérémy Goillot, two entrepreneurs fed up with digital marketing and performance in Anglo-Saxon countries, the growth community and talents are not sufficiently highlighted and represented today in France. And yet, from start-ups to unicorns, the French ecosystem is illustrated by its growth strategies. They therefore wanted an event to restore the reputation of French growth marketing. For the occasion, they gathered around them a jury made up of CEOs or growth marketing managers in startups such as Ankorstore, Masteos, Luko, Photoroom, Tediber, Growth makers and even Germinal.

Rewarding the best in growth marketing

For this first edition, six categories will be presented to reward teams, talents, strategies or tools:

  • Strategy Growth: a prize that rewards the audacity, creativity and business impact of growth marketing strategies.
  • Head of Growth: the best manager of the year will be rewarded for their vision, their ability to make their team shine or their growth culture.
  • Espoir Growth: the best junior talents who will be the leaders of tomorrow
  • The Buzzz: the buzz of the year.
  • The Growth tool: Extensions, applications or software, the best tool will be rewarded
  • Expat: the best foreign talent shining in France

Only one condition to be nominated: be a growth talent in a French startup. Many partners have joined the project to offer different rewards to the winners of this first edition: subscriptions, training, cash…

How to apply?

Nominations officially open this Thursday, August 11 on the site of the Growth Awards. For each category it is possible to nominate a person, a team or a tool and it is also quite possible to nominate yourself. From September 1st, certain categories will be put to public vote and 10 candidates will be selected for each category. Voting is open until September 15, when the jury will designate the big winners. The awards ceremony will take place on September 21 in Paris in the presence of the winners and many players in the ecosystem.

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