the Google watch would have a rickety autonomy compared to the Samsung models

the Google watch would have a rickety autonomy compared to the Samsung models

New mentions of the Google Pixel Watch in the Fitbit app suggest its battery life won’t exceed 24 hours.

Google Pixel Watch
Pixel Watch, Google’s first connected watch // Source: Google

After the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, we are eagerly awaiting the release this fall of Google’s first connected watch under Wear OS, the Google Pixel Watch.

While the Mountain View company has already provided some information about it last May, during the Google I/O conference, it is however in a few weeks that the manufacturer should give more details to its subject, in particular regarding its technical configuration. The watch is indeed expected at the same time as the new Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro.

However, this does not prevent certain information from circulating about him. The website 9to5Google has indeed got its hands on the latest version of the Fitbit application which it was able to decompile to obtain certain information about the Pixel Watch. Remember that Fitbit is now a subsidiary of Google and has worked alongside its parent company on the development of the watch, in particular for the management of health and sports data.

By digging into version 3.65 of the Fitbit application, our colleagues from 9to5Google discovered several mentions of the Google Pixel Watch relating in particular to its autonomy. This is the case of an option that should be integrated into the Pixel Watch, called “Bedtime objective”.

As the American site reports, the description of this option makes direct mention of the Pixel Watch: “Get notified before your bedtime goal if your Pixel Watch battery is too low to track your sleep”.

Autonomy estimated at 24 hours only

Otherwise, 9to5Google reports that the notification in question appears to confirm the rumored 24-hour battery life for the Google Pixel Watch: “The Fitbit app recommends that you charge your watch to at least 30% before going to bed. Assuming that’s based on the recommended eight hours of sleep, 30% of the Pixel Watch’s battery is enough for at least eight hours of heart rate tracking.”. Therefore, if the watch consumes 30% of its battery in eight hours of sleep, we can expect a total autonomy of around 24 hours.

Remember that few watches under Wear OS exceed 24 hours of autonomy. Like the Apple Watch, watches with Google’s operating system struggle to exceed a day or even a day and a half of autonomy. So it’s hardly surprising that Google is also limited to 24 hours of battery life on its Pixel Watch.

Remember, however, that Samsung struck a blow last week by presenting the new Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The top-of-the-line model in particular is advertised as being able to offer a three-day battery life.

We will know more about the Google Pixel Watch during its official presentation. This should take place during the month of September or October.

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