The Fivedigital agency offers a new method that is revolutionizing the digital marketing market

The Fivedigital agency offers a new method that is revolutionizing the digital marketing market

The co-founders of the Fivedigital agency, confident in their approach and their vision of a job well done, and who offer highly qualitative services at an unbeatable price, agree to deliver to us today in complete transparency the underside of their innovative method. .

The success story of visionary entrepreneurs

It was in 2012 that the two founders decided to set up their company, Keobiz, together. Thanks to two fundraisers, the businessmen have succeeded in taking up the crazy challenge of establishing themselves in the field of chartered accountancy from scratch. Without employees or a customer base, the challenge was daunting for these optimistic competitors, who did not give up in the face of difficulty, quite the contrary. In 2020, the company had 600 employees and satisfied more than 10,000 customers, a great victory for these self-made men who have shown perseverance and genius.

Today, the duo of entrepreneurs has decided to revolutionize the digital marketing market by offering excellent services at an affordable price to VSEs and SMEs, which until now could not afford such quality of service. With this in mind, Fivedigital has surrounded itself with the best experts in their respective fields. The company also aims to be a pioneer through its personalized methodology and comprehensive support.

His wish is to guarantee a turnkey delivered project, to guide the client and to facilitate the realization of his project above all. A real upheaval in the field of webmarketing on which the two men are betting with confidence.

A high quality service adapted to the budget of VSEs and SMEs

The agency provides a complete and à la carte service, from €150 per month, by offering services in SEA, SEO, design and optimization of social Ads campaign. Landing page creation services, banners and personalized videos for promotional purposes are offered, a range of services essential to the success of a project on the web. In addition to submitting affordable prices, the prices offered to the customer are fixed, another good point for this innovative company which decides to take the opposite view of the percentage billing, mainly applied by the competition.

In addition, beyond the technical aspect and expertise, Fivedigital offers real support to its customers in order to guide them as best as possible, according to their needs. The company’s desire is to facilitate the process for the customer, who may find themselves helpless in the face of additional actions to be carried out after expertise with professionals.

“Many actors are needed to create a site, which can become a real headache for the less experienced. At Fivedigital, in addition to the consulting part, we take care of the promotion of the site in its entirety, the customer has nothing to manage; we help modest VSEs and SMEs to develop and explore levers inaccessible to their budget”, explains one of the co-founders.

From the start of the mission, a consultation center is organized in order to define a tailor-made strategy. The customer is guided in the technical aspects such as the steps for SEA results, the production and editing of advertising videos or even the understanding of the functioning of the Google algorithm. Thus, the creation and promotion of a website are made accessible to all, without special knowledge required for the customer.
To ensure quality work, Fivedigital has surrounded itself with the best experts in SEA and SEO, recruited from the most famous agencies in Paris, Amazon among others, and with whom the two entrepreneurs have collaborated for a long time.

Intelligently reduced costs, without impacting the quality of service

Fivedigital succeeds in providing its customers with a team made up of the most experienced professionals at an unbeatable price in terms of quality / price ratio, unheard of on the webmarketing market until now.

By dint of spirit and audacity, the co-founders of the agency have reached an agreement, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the customers in the first place, but also that of its employees: an attractive proposal to ensure a constant quality of service and at low cost to the customer.

They were simply offered to associate them with the capital of the company and to revolutionize the market” gives us one; “We have dissected each profession and we subcontract the basic tasks, those that have no added value. The specialists dedicate themselves to the important and we reduce the costs without affecting the quality of the service.” reveals the other

Ceding part of the agency to its experts, the proposal which not only guarantees the involvement and quality of the work provided by the latter, but also offers a reduced price for a superior quality of service to VSEs and SMEs. Coupled with this innovative collaboration, the agency allows itself to delegate trivial and cyclical tasks to a low-cost subsidiary. This remains supervised by the experts who control the proper execution of their directives so that the sub-processing does not in any way harm the quality of the service. It is therefore partly thanks to this skilful cooperation that Fivedigital is able to offer its customers an exceptional service, at an affordable price.

The two entrepreneurs don’t stop there to improve the process internally. In addition to owning a video studio, they tell us that they have developed tools equipped with artificial intelligence to produce automated videos of 15 seconds or less per excerpt, which have already proven their effectiveness on many occasions on social networks. Anxious to provide absolute assistance to its customers and thus enhance the experience, the agency takes care of the entire operation. The team agrees on a single date on which the shooting of commercial videos is dedicated. During this day, 3 to 5 professional videos are produced according to the needs and constraints of the client. The actor as well as the script including the enhancement of the service or the property offered are provided by the agency. Using state-of-the-art tools, Fivedigital also supports the editing of these videos which are dedicated to improving customer performance campaigns, and those for all social networks: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok; which each have their own codes.

A methodical and ingenious business plan

A well-thought-out business model that explains the success of this agency, which stands out among more traditional web marketing firms, ultimately reserved for a certain elite. The avant-garde agency makes these superior quality services accessible to VSEs and SMEs, with less resources but undeniably in search of professionalism.

It is by reducing costs with address from a salary but also technical point of view that Fivedigital has revolutionized the market, with the main objective of offering affordable prices, without affecting the level of quality required for the customer. To achieve this goal, the creators have surrounded themselves with the best and have succeeded in guaranteeing the involvement of their experts by involving them personally in the challenge. It then seemed essential to them to delegate redundant and unimportant tasks in order to relieve the specialists and allow them to devote themselves to the essential actions.

Finally, they have ingeniously developed tools with artificial intelligence to improve and reduce internal processes. A complete, turnkey service, which is the pride of the co-founders of Fivedigital and which facilitates but also encourages the development of more modest budget projects. This innovative method of business plan offers a great future perspective to this revolutionary agency.

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