The Delicious Last Course on PC by

The Delicious Last Course on PC by


Five years after the launch of Cuphead, the small team at MDHR hasn’t put away its brushes. Rather than getting tangled up, she decided to extend an adventure in which she masters every aspect through a DLC titled “The Delicious Last Course”. One thing is certain: the little cups are determined to make you drink it again. In this cracked and crazy space, the toons will love to hear you scream.

Tested on PC

We inform you that the test of Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course was carried out entirely on PC. We did not have access to the console versions at the time of the test.

MDHR puts the cover back


A time reserved for Xbox and PC gamers, Cuphead later made its way to the PlayStation and Switch realms. No matter the creamery, players around the world have been able to enjoy the misadventures of these two brothers forced to serve the Devil. Featuring villainous boss fights, staggeringly difficult run-and-gun, and propeller-tearing airplane shooter sequences, the epic shone with an original graphic style inspired by Disney, Warner, or even Fleischer from the 1930s. Today, the MDHR teams are finally delivering the additional content feverishly awaited by fans of the franchise. So, is it cartoon?

The Delicious Last Course takes the form of an add-on sold at 7.99 euros whose content is accessible via the world map by going to a mausoleum. If you have never played Cuphead in your life, you will have to pass the first level of the base game in order to access the character of Ms Chalice. A small boat ride is enough to get to the new island and thus confront some new twisted challenges, to complete in easy, normal, or expert (once the story mode is complete). Like the base game, easy mode silences certain attack patterns and prevents boss transformations. Also, the developers came up with the idea of ​​not giving the ingredients the heroes are looking for when a boss has been annihilated other than normal. This is enough to motivate the less adventurous to surpass themselves!

Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course: a DLC that makes you want Mickey again?Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course: a DLC that makes you want Mickey again?

Let’s toast to the arrival of Ms Chalice!

Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course: a DLC that makes you want Mickey again?

Although the DLC levels can be completed with Cuphead or Mugman, they are above all designed to match the skills of Ms Chalice, the new heroine of the title. In effect, thanks to her double jump, her roll making her invulnerable and her dash capable of parrying pink-colored projectiles, the protagonist has more than one trick up her sleeve to facilitate progression for anyone who selects it. However, nothing is ever free in the work of the MDHR studio: embodying the skillful Ms Chalice can only be done by equipping the charm “Astral cookie”. This means that it is impossible to provide additional help (such as the double heart which adds life points) if one decides to benefit from the talents of the adventurer, the biscuit occupying the only slot of enchantment.

Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course: a DLC that makes you want Mickey again?Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course: a DLC that makes you want Mickey again?

For the rest, Delicious Last Course is pure Cuphead with shots going in 8 directions, crouch, dash and what to improve his character thanks to the items sold by the local shop (weapons to change on the fly with LB, enchantments, etc.). The major difference comes mainly from the absence of run-and-gun levels during the main adventure included in the extension, which could disappoint some fans. In the department of small welcome updates, it is finally possible to change equipment between two attempts. The online cooperation mode is still absent subscribers. Shame.

Infernal short film

Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course: a DLC that makes you want Mickey again?

As for its content, the Cuphead DLC features a new playable character (Ms Chalice), six new main bosses (including an airplane shoot’em up level) and five events where weapons are removed and where the only way out is to parry with the pink elements placed on the enemies. These challenges are very significant since they have the good idea to play on several mechanics: sometimes you have to extinguish all the candles in a room to make the boss attackable, sometimes you have to use cannons to hurt the boss located the background. New weapons and charms are also included. As usual, to emerge victorious from the clashes, all you have to do is remember the patterns which vary according to the stage of the fight but also the difficulty selected. Your dexterity and your ability to keep a cool head are obviously your best weapons.. The final boss is revealed once all five bosses have been beaten on normal difficulty. Not counting the resolution of the secondary quest, the main adventure of Delicious Last Course ends between two and three hours, game over included. You will have understood that, despite its many years of development, this extension aims for quality rather than quantity.

Once again, MDHR provided expert work on the artistic direction of its creation. The animations of bosses, opponents and main characters are numerous in addition to being extremely detailed. There is always something funny happening on screen, so you have to force yourself not to be distracted by this visual firework. It is good to see that the artists of the studio have multiplied the techniques by putting a little stop motion in some sets. During the clashes, it is not only the bosses that transform, but the stages as a whole. The new musical themes are both excellent and more varied in their genres than before. Whether for the eyes or the ears, Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course is a delight. The action seemed to us more readable than in the basic game, thanks to more easily identifiable patterns of the new bosses, fewer projectiles on the screen, and better controlled tables.


Strong points

  • Ms Chalice is a pleasure to lead
  • The levels that remove weapons and force you to parry, very nice
  • An even more successful art direction, and even crazier bosses
  • Sold for less than 8 euros

Weak points

  • It’s short ! Too few new levels/bosses
  • Still no online co-op

The Holy Grail sold by the MDHR studio could have passed for a simple gold-plated cup if its finishes had not reached the legendary level we expected. Thanks to the sophisticated Ms Chalice and the new gang of deranged bosses, Cuphead and Mugman have very good arguments to plunge us back into their animated destiny. While its low price softens any grievances, we would have liked a more content-rich experience, especially after so many years of waiting. If it does not turn water into wine, The Delicious Last Course is a beverage with a strong taste to be enjoyed with every sip.

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