The cinema releases of June 29: Irreducible, Decision To Leave, Between life and death... - Actus Ciné

The cinema releases of June 29: Irreducible, Decision To Leave, Between life and death… – Actus Ciné

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Irreducible by Jérôme Commandeur

With Jérôme Commandeur, Laetitia Dosch, Pascale Arbillot…

What is it about ? Vincent Peltier, peaceful employee at the “Eaux et Forets” in Limoges, is encouraged to resign because of a staff review, which he wishes the least in the world. An overzealous inspector decides to transfer him to the worst places in the world to push him to give up.

Did you know ? Irreducible is the remake of the Italian film Quo vado? by Gennaro Nunziante, which was a huge success in 2016 with nine million admissions on the other side of the Alps. Jérôme Commandeur saw the comedy when it was released and quickly wanted to adapt it, with the blessing of the producers who told him: “If you like it, monopolize the subject, make it your garden…”

Decision to leave Chan-Wook Park

With Tang Wei, Park Hae-il, Go Kyung-pyo…

What is it about ? Hae-Joon, a seasoned detective, investigates the suspicious death of a man on a mountaintop. Soon, he begins to suspect Sore, the deceased’s wife, while being unsettled by his attraction to her.

Did you know ? For Decision To Leave, Park Chan-wook surrounded himself with loyal collaborators, such as screenwriter Chung Seo-kyung, production designer Ryu Seong-hie, costume designer Kwak Jung-ae and composer Cho Young-wuk.

Salam de Diam’s, Houda Benyamina, Anne Cissé

With Diam’s

What is it about ? After 10 years of silence, Mélanie Diam’s returns through a powerful and moving documentary film, where she tells her story with an open heart.

Did you know ? Salam is written by Diam’s and Houda Benyamina (Divines), who direct the film alongside Anne Cissé.

Between life and death by Giordano Gederlini

With Antonio de la Torre, Marine Vacth, Olivier Gourmet…

What is it about ? Leo Castaneda is Spanish, he lives in Brussels, where he drives the line 6 metros. One evening, he catches the eye of a young man at the edge of the platform. Feverish eyes of distress, a familiar face… Leo recognizes his son Hugo when he tragically disappears on the tracks!

Did you know ? The main character, Leo Castaneda, is a mirror of Giordano Gederlini’s own situation: “He is in exile, which I experienced with my parents. Leo Castaneda is surely linked to the figure of my father who was damaged by the coup in Chile and then rebuilt his life in Europe.”

Freewheeling by Didier Barcelo

With Marina Foïs, Benjamin Voisin, Jean-Charles Clichet…

What is it about ? The crazy story of Louise who finds herself trapped in her own car one fine morning, overcome by a panic attack as soon as she tries to get out, and of Paul who steals the car and suddenly kidnaps her. Here they are both embarked on an eventful road movie!

Did you know ? It is by mixing his desires for comedy, landscapes and huis-clos that Didier Barcelo gave birth to En roue libre, his first feature film: “The idea of ​​a moving camera, a character in a car who does not really understand what is happening to him but who will discover that his life does not look like much.”

The crossing of Varante Soudjian

With Alban Ivanov, Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Audrey Pirault…

What is it about ? Neighborhood educators, Alex and Stéphanie take five out-of-school teenagers to cross the Mediterranean and reintegrate them through the values ​​of the sea. But when they arrive at the port, they come across Riton, their skipper, a former BAC cop, who has left everything to flee the suburbs.

Did you know ? Alban Ivanov’s manager, to whom Varante Soudjian is close, told the latter that his uncle sometimes took disadvantaged young people to sea. An anecdote that immediately seduced the director:

“With my co-author, we began to imagine two educators from the suburbs who would take out-of-school children, some of whom already have a foot in delinquency, for a trip on a catamaran.”

Good evening soldier the Hiner Saleem

With Galyar Nerway, Dilin Doger, Alend Hazim…

What is it about ? Ziné and Avdal, madly in love, decide to get married despite the hostility of their families who have an ancestral hatred for each other. Wounded on the battlefield, Avdal cannot bear his condition and questions his marriage. Ziné is convinced that the strength of their love can withstand anything, but Avdal has to go back to the front…

Did you know ? The scenario of Goodnight Soldier is inspired by several true stories, including that of a peshmerga who, wounded in the war against the terrorists of the Islamic State eight days before his wedding, had to have surgery for a serious lesion in the back near the spine.

Mastemah by Didier D. Daarwin

With Camille Razat, Olivier Barthelemy, Feodor Atkine…

What is it about ? After the sudden death of a loved one during a hypnosis session she led, Louise, a young psychiatrist tries to rebuild herself by settling in a small village in Aubrac. The arrival of a new patient with strange behavior will plunge her into a downward spiral.

Did you know ? It was the producer Thierry Aflalou who developed the first bases of Mastemah, after having stayed in a guest house located in Aubrac and taken over by Didier D. Daarwin a few years ago. He felt very anxious there, as the director explains: “The region, although of breathtaking wild beauty, can also be very anxiety-provoking at times.”

Arthur, curse of Barthélémy Grossmann

With Vadim Agid, Lola Andreoni, Mathieu Berger…

What is it about ? Alex has been a fan of the Arthur and the Minimoys films since he was a child. For her birthday, her best friends surprise her by taking her to the abandoned house where the film was shot. None of them suspects that they are heading towards a Machiavellian and deadly trap.

Did you know ? We find, in Arthur, malediction, a certain Thalia Besson, 20, who is none other than the daughter of Luc Besson, as well as young actors, Mathieu Berger, Mikaël Halimi, Yann Mendy, Jade Pedri and Lola Andreoni, unknown of the general public.

City capable of loving by Giorgio Besc

With Giorgio Besc, Alexandre Laugier, Loris Bartolomei…

What is it about ? Jordan is a young man from the city and sensitive neighborhoods. He leads an ordinary life until the day when he is going to be confronted with his feelings, indeed, Jordan is homosexual: a life not possible in the environment from which he comes.

The Noise from Outside by Ted Fendt

With Daniela Zahlner, Mia Sellmann, Natascha Manthe…

What is it about ? Daniela doesn’t know what to do. She became insomniac. Mia is finishing a master’s degree that she started spontaneously. Their meetings in Berlin and Vienna for several months. In the company of Natascha, another friend who plans to settle in Vienna, they walk and discuss.

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