The 6 Steam games of the week not to be missed!

The 6 Steam games of the week not to be missed!


Game News The 6 Steam games of the week not to be missed!

Yes, it is now a habit! Every week, dozens of video games are released on the Steam platform and it is clearly not easy to navigate. So just for you, on JV, we carefully watch everything that happens and we give you the crème de la crème. Here is your weekly dose of titles of all kinds from July 25 to 31 on the Valve store.

Bear and breakfast

Do you want a moment of sweetness in the middle of a forest? Then you should check out Bear and Breakfast, a new game from Gummy Cat studio. You may play the role of a bear, but it is not the honey you are looking for but the happiness of your guests. Yes, we are facing a management and adventure game where you have to renovate an abandoned hut. Everything will have to go there: the bathroom, the living room, the bedrooms, with decoration from floor to ceiling and a whole lot of furniture. The goal is to make the whole thing as welcoming as possible, to make your business prosper! On this point, Bear and Breakfast seems to offer a nice interface. The icing on the cake, a secret is nestled in the forest where you have taken up residence. Intriguing, no?

  • Release date : Jul 28, 2022
  • (Also available on Switch)

Autonauts vs Piratebots

If you’re in the mood for more action and strategy, Autonauts and pirate robots could be a good choice to continue your week. It’s an action game | strategy where you will have to kill the “Dread Pirate Robot” as well as all his followers. To achieve this feat, you can count on an army of Autonauts, robots that can be programmed. “Use the worker robots, your ingenuity and all the natural resources you can find to craft the tools and technology needed to ensure a thriving colony” can we learn on Steam. We therefore seem to be in the presence of a fairly classic strategy game, yet enhanced with a good dose of humor. All in all, it can be a very nice experience!

  • Release date : Jul 28, 2022

The Tarnishing of Juxtia

What ? Even more action? Well we continue with The Tarnishing of Juxtiaa demanding action title that fully fits into the Souls-like genre. From the outset on Steam, the software promises “15 unique environments, 14 epic boss fights, a multitude of secrets, side quests await players in this sprawling RPG whose action takes place over more than 20 hours of play”. It promises ! As usual with this type of software, it will take carefully time the timing of your attacks on pain of salty defeat, whether against standard enemies or huge bosses. The Tarnishing of Juxtia also includes a whole system of relics and powers as well as a whole bunch of weapons, armor, etc. A 2D soul that seems quite solid!

  • Release date : Jul 26, 2022

Lord Winklebottom investigates

Thought Blacksad was the animal kingdom’s greatest detective? Well no ! Get to know Lord Winklebottomthe investigator who breaks all records by its size. Yes, you incarnate here a giraffe about to solve the “most complex” mystery of her career. To be more concrete, we are here in the presence of a point and click which takes place in the 20s. “A mysterious invitation to an island leads to a horrible murder and a race against time to find the killer” can we read on Steam. In addition, the title boasts lots of colorful heroes as well as dozens of puzzles. All in all, we could have a great adventure with funny animals. To find out, we will have to embark on an adventure on July 28.

  • Release date : Jul 28, 2022
  • (Also available on Xbox | Switch)

Sweet Transit (Early Access)

In a completely different genre, Sweet Transit is a “city builder” (roughly city building) where the sinews of war are the railways. You are aware that this is an element that can greatly accelerate the development of a city. Well that is precisely what is at issue here. The goal: it is therefore to create production lines for turn villages into thriving metropolises. The icing on the cake, all of this will allow you to discover the milestones of this industry. Of course, you will also have to manage everything concerning your citizens, whether it is their satisfaction with the taunts themselves or even their level of fatigue. Yes, a simulation that promises to be quite complete. Please note this is an early access release.

  • Release date : Jul 28, 2022

AI Dungeon

For sure you probably know AI Dungeon! If not, know that it is an online platform that allows you to create a unique textual story with you as the main character (in the manner of a book in which you are the hero) thanks to an intelligence artificial. But the crazy thing is that the story in question can be absolutely anything and will be created from your answers and suggestions. Yes: AI Dungeon is already available for free on its official website, but this Steam version will feature new customization settings, no ads, the ability to play as long as possible. So if you want to enjoy the joys of adventure in artificial intelligence at will, this is the opportunity.

  • Release date : Jul 28, 2022

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