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The 12 strokes of noon: this BIG production mistake that does not pass at all!

Les 12 Coups de Midi is a program that viewers watch to have a good time. It’s a family program, light, funny, carried by the good humor of Jean-Luc Reichmann. But it is also an educational program. It is above all a game of general knowledge. And sometimes, some candidates – even champions – are sorely lacking. Worse, it is in some cases the production that makes big mistakes.

In Les 12 Coups de Midi, Cécile admits not knowing Star Wars

Recently, this is the case of the champion Cécile who surprised internet users a lot. Cécile, before she was eliminated, established herself as a true champion, capable of competing with the greatest of the show. We could already see her finding her place alongside Eric and Bruno. But here it is, the game is ruthless and defeat can strike at any time… especially when you don’t know Star Wars.

Internet users were surprised to discover that she knew nothing of the universe created by Georges Lucas in 1977. However, the question seemed within everyone’s reach, even those who have never seen the films of the saga. Jean-Luc Reichmann asked him in which cinematographic saga could we find ” an old alien ” who is ” the master of a Jedi apprentice”. But the champion did not know how to answer. ” I’m going to rot, I blame myself on this“, she says afterwards.

Internet users have not been kind to Cécile. On Twitter, many are outraged. ” Seriously, not knowing Star Wars is really too much of a shame”; “But how is it possible not to know that the Jedis are from the Star Wars universe!!!“.

A big mistake in the production of 12 Coups de Midi

It’s a lack of culture on the part of Cécile. And after all, you can’t know everything. The candidate certainly does not lack culture, but has shortcomings like everyone else. On the other hand, Internet users are much less tolerant when it comes to production. Because the latter must verify each of the questions and answers that are asked and given in the program, so as not to give false information. But obviously, this is not always done.

On Twitter, we could see that several viewers were lamenting to see the production being wrong on a question of geography. ” Today 08/14/22, in Les 12 coups de midi, they said Lahore is a city in Bangladesh, aren’t you doing your research? Lahore is a city in Pakistan! » ; ” Ok, so my mother is watching Les 12 coups de midi and out of curiosity, I decide to watch for barely 1 minute and they say that Lahore is in Bangladesh, they say that to me? A Pakistani who has family in Lahore? The production that is wrong… nice“.

Cécile stops the adventure

The champion Cécile is gone. While some were already seeing her at the top, her reign on the show came to an end. She undoubtedly leaves a very beautiful memory to Jean-Luc Reichmann since she always appeared in a good mood, smiling. And she knows how to tell stories. We all remember this crazy story she tells when Jean-Luc Reichmann asks her if she slept well at the hotel, away from her husband. After telling that she had spent a beautiful night, she told of her funny encounter with the taxi driver.

Super, adorable, everyone is adorable! The taxi a little flirty but still adorable“, responds tac-au-tac the champion. Something to surprise the host of 12 Coups de Midi: ” Ah anyway… we have a taxi that flirts!“. Cécile then explains: Bah, I went out wearing makeup and dolled up so he tried… He offered me ‘rather at home than the hotel“. Jean-Luc Reichmann finds it hard to believe. Not that it’s impossible for Cécile to be flirted with. It is rather the words of the driver that puzzle the facilitator. ” I do not believe that ! It’s true ?

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