Les 12 coups de midi

The 12 noon shots: Yaël eliminated, the final amount of his kitty… it makes your head spin

Yaël left his mark on the broadcast of 12 noon shots. The candidate has participated 25 times in the program presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann. But this week he was eliminated and we finally know the amount of the kitty that he will have. The amount is mind-blowing and is already turning heads!

Yaël discovers the mysterious star!

If you follow us a bit or watch the 12 noon shots, you know that the champion of this early summer was Yaël. The one who is a stretcher-bearer in life was a hit in the program hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann.

This outstanding candidate has already participated in no less than 25 programs on TF1. And he went even further this week. This Tuesday, July 26, Yaël put his midday master star back into play. And during this show, he shocked everyone. He again eliminated the three candidates against him.

To push his limits even further, Jean-Luc Reichmann has prepared a series of 5 super tough questions for him. He did flawlessly, but Yaël left his mark even more on the 12 noon shots. He discovered the mysterious star betting everything on the actress Bérénice Bejo.

But nothing went as planned the day after discovering the mysterious star in the 12 strokes of noon.

He is eliminated because of Fontainebleau!

Tuesday July 26, Yaël discovered the mysterious star and that is very strong. He put his game master star back into play against 3 new candidates. If at the start of Jean-Luc Reichmann’s program everything went well, the machine jammed.

After two wrong answers in the second round, Yaël has decided to challenge Mehdi. The challenger had to answer the question “Which castle adored by François I was also the main residence of Napoleon I and the place of baptism of Napoleon III? ». Mehdi found the correct answer which was Fontainebleau and he eliminated Yaël after 25 shows.

This elimination greatly affected Jean-Luc Reichmann who then confessed “You are an extra, ordinary being, in two words. This show allowed you to put yourself forward in all humility..

And Yaël wanted to thank the whole team and Jean-Luc Reichmann “If you hadn’t been so pleasant and funny, I think I would have cracked up before. When I start to feel bad, I leave, I’m not the type to force myself. There, I immediately felt good among you. I spent almost an incredible month”.

The candidate who marked this beginning of summer in Les 12 coups de midi was therefore eliminated. But how much is his real kitty?

The final amount of his kitty turns heads

After 25 shows, Yaël was therefore eliminated on July 27. He left his mark on the show and this beginning of summer on TF1. But how much did the candidate of the 12 noon shots really win?

For his 25 participations and all his victories, and for having discovered the mysterious star, Yaël left with a prize pool of 129,459 euros in earningsit is enormous. The candidate of the 12 noon shots already knows what to do with this money. And he has already planned some beautiful gifts for his loved ones.

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