Les 12 coups de midi

The 12 noon shots: it’s the end for Cécile, the new clues about the mysterious star

In the 12 Coups de Midi, the candidates know it. Not only do they have to compete against each other, but the overall winner must also find the answer to the mysterious star. Each show ends with the champion, facing an image revealing several clues (more every day) to find a personality. And if some manage to find the answer almost miraculously very quickly, in the vast majority of cases, it takes emissions before the star loses its mystery.

Les 12 Coups de Midi: Cécile eliminated without having found the star

While some already saw her as a formidable candidate, capable of marking the history of the game, Cécile was eliminated. The day of her elimination, she was already saying that she was superstitious. However, the day before was celebrated the world day of the black cat, a symbol of bad luck. At the end of the show, Jade takes the place of champion. Cécile therefore says goodbye to Jean-Luc Reichmann on the day of his sixteenth broadcast. For the first time, Jade found herself face to face with the Mysterious Star.

For the moment, several clues have been revealed. We see a garden setting surrounded by trees, a ping-pong table, coffee cups, a red scooter and finally, a straw hat. One more enigma for the show that leaves the champion clueless. She then offers the actor Gérard Darmon as an answer. But the Star hides another personality. We imagine that she is actively thinking about the possible meaning of all these clues. Sometimes they have to be taken literally. But in some cases they are metaphorical.

The mysterious Star discovered quickly in the 12 Coups de Midi

Some brains manage to think exactly right to find the Mysterious Star. This is the case of Yaël on July 26th. The candidate manages to find the answer with only… three clues: an airliner, a desert landscape and a red umbrella. And while there are still many boxes, the candidate thinks and offers the actress Bérénice Béjo as an answer. Against all expectations, the mysterious star lights up: it was the actress from The Artist that had to be found.

Before knowing if the answer was correct, the candidate explained his theory. For him, the desert refers to Patagonia. However, the actress was born in Argentina. The red umbrella would refer to musicals. And he knows that she wanted to become an actress by watching these kinds of films. Finally, he thinks the plane is a reference to a movie in which she plays a flight attendant. Or it could refer to one of his first films, Comme un avion. Thanks to this response, Yaël won more than 59,000 euros. Unfortunately, he was eliminated the next day.

The anecdote of Cécile which shocks Jean-Luc Reichmann

Before being eliminated, Cécile had time to tell a few anecdotes. We remember in particular one of them, very funny, which shocked the host of 12 Coups de Midi. When he asks her if the staff of the hotel in which she is staying is charming, she answers in the affirmative. She even specifies that the taxi driver, flirty, is very nice. A response that challenges the facilitator. He wants to know more.

“Ah all the same… we have a taxi that flirts! ». Cécile then explains: Bah, I went out with makeup and dolled up so he tried… He offered me ‘rather at home than the hotel“. Jean-Luc Reichmann finds it hard to believe. Not that it’s impossible for Cécile to be flirted with. It is rather the words of the driver that puzzle the facilitator. ” I do not believe that ! It’s true ? »

But Cécile confirms, it’s not a joke. ” Yes, yes, it’s true… Impossible for Jean-Luc Reichmann to hide his amazement. ” ” But no ? Extraordinary ! They are still inflated”. But that’s not all, Cécile continues because the driver did not stop there. He really wanted to try his luck with the champion. ” He tried, he asked me if I had a number or something to give him.. An anecdote that made the public present on the set laugh.

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