Test Toys Disneyland Spider-Man WEB Adventure

Test Toys Disneyland Spider-Man WEB Adventure


Is testing an attraction like testing a video game absurd? Maybe, but what if the attraction is actually a video game? Spider-Man WEB Adventure is a new attraction opened in the Marvel Avengers Campus, the new land of Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris. In form, it is an attraction with its queue, its pre-show and its security barriers. Basically, it’s a real video game, and it’s pretty good.


In a former car assembly plant that belonged to Tony Stark’s father, Peter Parker has installed his little geek dream. Its research center hosts a brigade of young researchers, the WEB The story is presented by Tom Holland himself in an effective preshow‘ where the vehicle in which we are going to embark is revealed to us. But very quickly, everything goes wrong.

His latest invention, the spider-bot, is infinitely duplicated and little robotic spiders wreak havoc. Spider-Man comes to the rescue but, alone, he finds himself in trouble. Your help is therefore required!

Disneyland Paris: our test of Spider-Man WEB Adventure, the interactive attraction of the Avengers Campus

Have the powers of Spider-Man

Recruits board a spacious and comfortable vehicle for a four-minute journey. It’s a bit short by genre standards, like Maus au Chocolat at Phantasialand. Some discrete but successful physical sets serve as transitions, but most of the attraction takes place in front of large screens that monopolize our entire field of vision. The little robot spiders go wild there and the gameplay consists of swinging them from the web by moving your arms. Four scenes follow one another until the final boss.

During your first game, the visitor will tend to wear himself out swinging his arms. The responsiveness and precision of the system are surprising: the screens keep the 60FPS constant despite the multitude of elements on the screen. When the recruit wishes to aim at a target, he succeeds; if she wants to have quick movements to send a lot of webs, it is possible.

Four players cooperate on each screen, so it’s potentially eight arms swinging projectiles at full speed. If we add to that the very many enemies, the interaction with the decor and the explosions, the result is rough and it is sometimes difficult to navigate.‘Let’s not sulk our pleasure though, the impact we have on the presented environment is pleasurable.

Disneyland Paris: our test of Spider-Man WEB Adventure, the interactive attraction of the Avengers Campus

Become the best of the Avengers

A score is awarded individually and to the team, with the proper congratulations if you are the champions of the past hour, or even better. After several games, we realize the gameplay depth which gives full meaning to scoring. Some enemies with an aura explode on impact, it is possible to make nice combos. You can grab elements of the decor, with a very precise gesture, and throw them back at the enemies.

The game is therefore more technical than it lookswith various strategies to maximize the score. Spider-Man’s voice attempts to give you advice on what to aim for, but is muted by the multiple sound effects.

Of course, to discover these subtleties and practice, you have to have the motivation required to relive the queue, which can be quite long given the attraction’s limited flow. Note that a paid skip-the-line will soon be available, of course…

And since we are talking about “DLC”, the experience can be completed with a bracelet, the WEB Power Band, which costs 40€. This bracelet lets you launch three webs at once. And for 30€ more, this bracelet can be customized in the colors of your favorite hero. It’s expensive, but the object can also be used outside of the attraction: depending on its customization, it will have several light and sound effects that will delight children.

Disneyland Paris: our test of Spider-Man WEB Adventure, the interactive attraction of the Avengers CampusDisneyland Paris: our test of Spider-Man WEB Adventure, the interactive attraction of the Avengers Campus


Strong points

  • The experience, enjoyable and breathtaking
  • The interaction, more advanced than it seems
  • The technique, very to the point
  • The story, effective with the presence of Tom Holland
  • The point system

Weak points

  • The many video and audio elements that make reading confusing
  • The flow of the attraction, which raises fears of long queues
  • Four minutes is a bit short

Spider-Man WEB Adventure is an effective attraction with surprising technology. The experience is breathtaking, technical and enjoyable. Each round only gives you four short minutes, but these minutes will be intense. Such a game would quickly become redundant on your console, but within an immersive experience that features a successful queue and preshow, it’s an effective staple of your visit.

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