ten games to remember from the biggest European video game fair

ten games to remember from the biggest European video game fair


The city of Cologne, Germany, is famous for its imposing cathedral, its perfume and its Kölsch, a local beer. But for any video game lover, the fourth most populated city in Germany is also associated with Gamescom, the most important European fair in the sector. This event is an opportunity for the public and industry professionals to catch a glimpse of many new features to come. As the 2022 edition launched on August 24 comes to an end, a look back at the ten video games that have marked the Pixels service of the World.

  • “Lies of P”: an angry Pinocchio

Lies of P brilliantly follows in the footsteps of transmitted by blood, from From Software. Behind the tribute, this heir does not lack personality either. He even finds an atypical rhythm during the fights. On the one hand, his gothic “Pinocchio” is very nervous and versatile. In front of him, disarticulated puppets who regularly surprise us by hitting at the wrong time. The South Korean studio Neowiz tells us that the graphic universe is also inspired by France, Haussmannian architecture in particular, which they have hybridized with elements of fantasy to create an aesthetic nicely named “dark Belle Epoque”. As venomous as it is bewitching.

Expected release in 2023 on PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X.

  • “Under The Waves”: a diver in the wake of Commander Cousteau

Imagined by a Breton son of a sailor, under the waves propels us to the bottom of the North Sea. It combines exploration, in a diving suit or in a submarine, with an introspective narrative, which interferes in the cracks of a tormented diver. The latter seeking solitude in an underwater base. Like the maritime environment which is full of caves, wrecks or plastic debris (which you can pick up or not), the character is revealed as mysterious as it is fragile. A captivating, gentle experience enhanced by very cinematic music.

Expected release in 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

  • “Planet of Lana”: a cousin of Chihiro

The members of the Wishfully studio have cut their teeth on animated films, and it shows. The highly detailed scenery and creatures of Lana’s Planet are a declaration of love to the masters of the genre, the Japanese studio Ghibli (Spirited away). Another assumed model: the superb Limbo and On the inside from the Danes of Playdead, video games that are explored in side view. The mixture between the two inspirations proved to be brilliant during our discovery of the second chapter of the game, during which the young Lana tames an adorable creature, then solves, thanks to her, subtly thought out puzzles. A concentrate of tenderness and poetry.

Expected release in 2023 on PC and Xbox in spring 2023.

  • “Where The Winds Meet”: A Chinese Knight-Errant

Revealed during the opening night of Gamescom, we could only see a long trailer of this title which mixes cinematic sequences and game phases. The result is very promising and looks like the meeting between film Tiger and Dragon and the open world of Ghost of Tsushimaby Sucker Punch and Darren Bridges. Pictorial landscapes, martial arts, a medieval town teeming with life and the promise of mad freedom for the player… A project to follow for lovers of role-playing games and adventures.

Expected release in 2023 on PC.

  • “Mr Sun’s Hatbox”: a resentful delivery man

“Burlesque” is the adjective used by the American Kenny Sun (Offer: Creature Comforts) to describe Mr Sun’s hatbox. Evidenced by his starting premise: in a retro and pixelated universe, a delivery man deploys disproportionate means (secret base, assassinations, brainwashing) to recover a stolen package. The sequel consists of phases of platforms that we execute by taking control of a character, chosen in advance, wearing a wacky headgear. Once back at our base, we need to improve our infrastructure and build an overtrained army of chubby and colorful creatures. As funny as it is addictive.

No release date, console and PC.

  • “Pentiment”: a detective in the 16th centurye century

Bavaria, XVIe century. Artist Andreas Maler investigates the mysterious death of a monk. After having meticulously personalized the characteristics of our protagonist, thanks to multiple-choice questionnaires, this role-playing game pushes us to question the inhabitants of a village. The art of dialogue is king since we have to adapt to our interlocutors according to their social status, their personal history or their character. The dialogues are of a rare richness and unpredictable. During our test session, we realized that the trajectories of each player’s character varied considerably depending on the choices and characteristics of each. Finally, the immersion is ensured by an in-depth artistic direction faithful to the manuscripts of the time.

Release planned for November on PC and Xbox.

  • “Moonbreaker”: miniatures like “Warhammer”

What direction to take after the fabulous survival games Subnautical ? The Franciscans of the Unknown Worlds studio take everyone by surprise with a strategy game that features painted figurines, similar to those of war hammer. Turn-based games are eyeing both Foyer and of Cosmic Encounterthe main influence of the card game Magic: The Gathering. The science fiction universe, the story of which was conceived by the writer Brandon Sanderson (Ultimate Empire: Son of the Mists), offers colorful characters (which you can paint yourself thanks to a digital painting workshop). Those shown come from three cultures with very distinct characteristics, with around ten other cultures being developed, as the experience will evolve seasonally.

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  • “Vikings on Trampolines”: bearded warriors bouncing

One day, a trampoline appeared in Viking land, and the bearded warriors with horned helmets started bouncing again and again. This title is pleasing with its immediate and intuitive handling which evokes the arcade terminals of the 1980s. From the joystick, you simply have to direct your hero towards the different trampolines of each level. Stepping outside of a bouncing web is sanctioned. Along the way, we have to eject enemies from the board to advance or perform mini-games. Despite the affiliation with the fighting game Smash Bros.the pleasure comes above all from its cooperative mode, which is very conducive to giggles.

Coming soon on PC.

  • “Atlas Fallen”: a muscular duo

Deck 13’s Frankfurters are renowned for The surgewhich takes up the style of the confrontations of the dark souls from From Software. After the success ofRing of Elden, the latest from Hidetaka Miyazaki’s studio, this vein is in the spotlight at Gamescom. This is good because this is where the studio revealed Fallen Atlas. It offers a tantalizing world ofheroic fantasy where a cataclysm has reduced buildings and inhabitants to dust. It embodies a kind of knight capable of defying the gods thanks to a magic glove that allows him to make weapons from dust. Raw action in perspective, even if we have only seen very few images of it.

Expected release in 2023 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series.

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  • “Gord”: villagers threatened by madness

This management game offers to take control of a colony gathered within a camp built in a circle, the “gord”, which was typical of the populations of Central Europe during the Middle Ages. Living in a fantastic world in which the day never rises, our tribe is watched by madness. In addition to the usual tasks of collecting resources and improving skills, you must take care of your mental health, which evolves according to the characteristics specific to each inhabitant. Management is coupled with numerous quests that lead us to strategically confront monsters from Slavic mythology in the surrounding woods. An attractive mix between management and adventure concocted by former members of the Polish studios CD Projekt Red (The Witcher 3) and 11-Bit (frostpunk).

Expected release in 2023 on PC.

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