Télématin: Estelle Colin announces her departure, her goodbye message on France 2 hits the Web!

Estelle Colin did his farewell to the Télématin show on France 2 last Thursday. Indeed, she will no longer present the morning show on channel two. The show has been changing presenters quite frequently lately. Especially for the summer period when the presenters also take a vacation.

Changes on France 2

In July of last year, Laurent Bignolas was to leave the viewers of Télématin. While he presented Télématin for four years already. He was indeed the successor to William Leymergie. So it was last year that the change took place.

Thus, Télématin was a little pushed around. France 2 unveiled the new Télématin on Monday August 23. In this one can find Julia Vignali as well as Thomas below who now host the show from Monday to Thursday. On the other hand, as regards the weekend, Friday included, it is with Damien Thevenot and Maya Lauque that viewers can wake up to. An unusual and new duo, to say the least, but which promises good shows every morning.

But July of this year was very eventful. It must be said that the presenters also need to take a vacation. Thus the two duos were to be replaced. France 2 then chose to entrust its morning show to Estelle Colin and Axel de Tarle for the third week of this month. But France 2 has also made the choice to continue to believe in them and thus count on them for this last week of July. The duo therefore had to spend two weeks replacing Julia Vignali, Thomas Sotto, Damien Thévenot and Maya Lauqué.

The Télématin audience

But for the presenter as well as the channel, it is simple to know if the work is good. In fact, it suffices to look at the audience figures. If they fall after the arrival of Estelle Colin it’s not really a good sign. However, the hearing did not indicate that on the contrary. Between July 25 and July 28, she was responsible for generating audience for Télématin. Something she does very well.

Moreover, for her departure, she wanted to say a few words. It is therefore on Thursday, July 28, the last day of the presentation, that she declares “thank you for your loyaltymore and more of you are following us (…) It was a real, pure happiness to spend the week with you. Very beautiful day and beautiful summer! Thank you for your loyalty, you are more and more numerous to follow us (…) It was a real, pure pleasure to spend the week with you. Very beautiful day and beautiful summer!”. A nice goodbye message from the presenter.

For the last Télématin program that she presented, Estelle Colin had an audience of 664,000 viewers between 6:28 a.m. and 9:25 a.m. This is therefore a market share of 25.9% that the channel France 2 could have with an audience four years and over. Even if Estelle Colin allowed good figures, the chain of channel 2 accused a decline of 1.9 points compared to July 21.

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