Des adolescents sont envoyées en hôpital psychiatrique obsession avec BTS

Teenagers Are Sent To Mental Hospital For Obsession With BTS


A psychiatrist warns parents to watch their children as several teenagers have developed an obsession with BTS to the point of being hospitalized.

At least 8 female students have been brought to Shalby Hospital in India by their parents in the past 10 days to help them quit their addiction to eating, dressing and living like BTS members.

Teenagers are sent to mental hospitals for their obsession with BTS


“Over the past 10 days, more than 15 teenagers have been taken to the hospital asking for help to overcome their obsession with BTS, 70% of them being female”said psychiatrist Dr. Kalrav Mistry.

These 8 students were brought to the psychiatric ward at Shalby Hospital within the last 10 days. The addiction is so severe that teenage girls spend more than 8-10 hours listening to K-pop, according to their parents.

Teenagers are sent to mental hospitals for their BTS obsession

A 14-year-old international school student became so addicted that she stayed locked in her room, refusing to eat or sleep properly and spent all her time listening to BTS songs on her phone or laptop.

Her parents asked for help when it became clear that it had become an obsession and the girl’s behavior changed.

She became so obsessed with the band members that to keep up with their lifestyle, she began stealing money to buy expensive clothes and accessories similar to the band members. She dreamed of marrying one and even planned to run away to South Korea.

Teenagers are sent to mental hospitals for their obsession with BTS

Her parents were so shocked by her behavior that they eventually had to seek help from a psychiatrist.

Dr. Kalrav Mistry, head of the department of psychiatric clinic and drug rehabilitation center at Shalby Hospital, told the Mirror media that cases of BTS obsession have increased over the past three to four months.

“In the past 10 days, we have received eight cases and this is a signal that should not be ignored. Parents should supervise their children. Most patients are between 13 and 22 years old.said the psychiatrist.

Teenagers are sent to mental hospitals for their obsession with BTS

He said the pressure from other fans around the group was high, as kids should be told about everything BTS is doing to be seen as cool.

“Young people blindly follow BTS, adopting their rockstar lifestyle, expensive clothes and all. And to meet these expenses, they resort to theft and drugs. By the time the parents realize something is wrong, the obsession has already reached a different level”he added.


In another case, a girl at a reputable school in Vastrapur attempted suicide by consuming pills when her parents took her to a psychologist to get rid of her BTS obsession. The young girl started taking drugs and needed medication to control her anxiety.

His parents also had to stop him from running away by using force.

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Calling it obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), psychiatrist Mistry said the teenage girls blindly try to mimic the stars and begin to associate themselves so dangerously with the band members’ lives that they think of it as if it’s the story of their life.

In another case, a girl from a small town in India, started stealing money from her parents and approached a high-end choreographer to learn how to dance like the members of BTS. When her parents confronted her, she became violent and smashed her laptop and other items and had to be forcibly taken to a mental hospital.

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Dr. Mistry said parents should look for physical and mental changes in their children. He said that in most cases parents work and have little time for their children. He advises parents to ensure an emotional connection with their children and not replace it with a digital connection.

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