SURPRISE ! A flagship host of TF1 slams the door to go … to France 2!

After a few years of absence, Christophe Dechavanne is finally going make a comeback on the small screen. Against all expectations, the host has chosen to leave TF1. And this, in order to continue his career on France 2 where he will replace the famous animator Laurent Ruquier! His luck seems to have taken a new turn, and he will become more and more present on our small screens. We tell you everything!

An animator is making a comeback on the small screen

Absent on our small screens since June 2021, Christophe Dechavanne will, once again, return to television on a regular basis. According to our colleagues from Parisian, the famous host, known for having orchestrated the legendary program Coucou, it’s us!, Will indeed be alongside Léa Salamé. And this, as a permanent guest of the new France 2 talk show. This program is intended to replace, from next September, the Saturday evening programs of Laurent Ruquier on France 2. Such as On n’est not slept and We’re live.

In November 2019, Christophe Dechavanne had declared, in the columns of the Parisian, to feel saddened by the fact that his career as an animator is in the process of sinking. He even added, saddened: “A 61-year-old white man is not what we are looking for on TV”. The former presenter of “A family in gold”, “Hello it’s us” and “The Farm Celebrities” notably clarified that he had been the subject of a sidelining. While he already had wanted to start a new talk show or a program on ecology on TF1. ” With TF1, I have no contract, no project. Twenty times, I offered them a great evening on ecology called Tomorrow belongs to you. Twenty refusals ».

Goodbye TF1, hello France 2

So, after doing several years of waiting for TF1 to offer him something, Christophe Dechavanne decided to say goodbye to the first channel. Indeed, we learn that the famous animator will therefore make his big comeback on television. But this time, it will be on France 2! Following the departure of host Laurent Ruquier as presenter of the Saturday program “On est en direct”, the host has just received the role of the person who will replace him in this time slot.

As indicated by our colleagues Le Parisien, the new issue will bear the title “We can’t say anything anymore”. The show will take place around 7 or 8 personalities, all accompanied by a cheerful band of columnists. Christophe Dechavanne will also host the program “Les orages de la vie” on Belgian television. Nevertheless, this comeback remains unexpected to say the least. Indeed, last April, Christophe Dechavanne was already rather pessimistic about his future in the world of television. ” Everyone has my number, and it’s not ringing. We’re not going to fool ourselves after a while “, he had declared in Télématin, on France 2. It seems however that his bad luck has turned. And this, since he will now appear on television and that it will remain there for some time.

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