Super Bowl: Cryptocurrencies take to the field

Super Bowl: Cryptocurrencies take to the field


Popcorn and Crypto Party – Every year in February, the sports fans eagerly awaiting the event. For several hours, US soccer final will be the scene of an incredible spectacle. Sport, music and advertising, all the television ingredients of an American show are brought together. And this year the cryptoscoinswho have arrived in force in the sport, intend to be the surprise guests. Make yourself comfortable, here is the 56th Super Bowl in 5 acts.

Act I: the Super Bowl, the event of all superlatives

To get an idea of ​​theeventlet’s give some numbers first. This February 13 more than 100 million viewers will be watching television in more than 180 countries and all in 25 languages. In terms of audience, we are at the level of the Olympic Games or the football world cup finals, but every year!

The 56th Super Bowl will take place on February 13 in Los Angeles.  Cryptos are the surprise guests of this 2022 edition.

Act II: Exchange platforms, a force in presence

This year, the final will oppose the Los Angeles Rams in their SoFi Stadium against the Cincinnati Bengals. The latter were qualified after their unexpected victory against the Chiefs in the conference final. But the real surprise guests of this 56th Super Bowl are the trading platforms and FTX who will appear at halftime.

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Act III: Ads on cryptocurrencies on the program

The big half-time commercial break is an integral part of the entertainment. At $6.5 million per 30 seconds, NBC is rubbing its hands as big companies fight to be on the program. FTX booked its spot in November while did so before Christmas. Fans are anxiously waiting to find out if is going to rebroadcast her failed ad with Matt Damon or if she is going to innovate. FTX side, secret defense, no information has filtered. Note that the Nouns Foundation gave the Noun 179 to Bud Light in exchange for an appearance during the Super Bowl commercial… enough to excite the community! And to put as many people as possible in front of the screen, nothing like a To display XXL musical.

The 56th Super Bowl will take place on February 13 in Los Angeles.  Cryptos are the surprise guests of this 2022 edition. Bud Light has signed a contract with the Nouns foundation to broadcast an NFT during the ad.
Profile of Bud Light with Noun 179 – Source: Twitter

Act IV: A musical show with an NFT background

Since Mickael Jackson in 1993, the musical comedy is an event in itself. Prince, Madonna, Lady Gaga or even Beyoncé and Shakira have in turn ignited the half-time. This year, it’s rap and it sends very heavy! Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Snoop Dog. The last two mentioned being very committed members of the community of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT fans see it as one more sign.

Act V: The marketing of cryptocurrencies in sport

This final will close a season 2021 who will have seen crypto companies waging a merciless image war in the field of sponsorship jock. Staples Center in Los Angeles becomes Arena, American Airlines Arena becomes FTX Arena. FTX signs exclusive contract with Miami Heat, with Golden State Warriors. Still in basketball, Coinbase becomes a partner of the NBA and the WNBA (male and female basketball federation). In football, Binance becomes the sponsor of Lazio in Rome and pays for the Coppa Italia final.

Once again the great mass of American sport will give rise to a riot of money, stars and comments. Everything is ready for cryptos to explode in the eyes of the general public, pushed by exchanges stuffed with profits after this year of bull run. All that was missing was Tom Brady and his NFTs to make the party perfect for our dear cryptocurrencies.

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