Un si grand soleil

Such a great sun: unexpected and tragic death of a beloved character from the soap opera!

Emotions are at the rendezvous in the soap opera entitled “Such a great sun”. The arc around the Verneuil affair is about to come to an end. Viewers will finally know the tragic end of this story. Get ready, this will undoubtedly end in a bloodbath.

Aurore manipulated Enzo in order to free her father

No one should suspect it! There will be a death at the end of this arc, it has to. For several days, viewers have been following the story of the Grasset family and the investigation into the Verneuil affair.

Enzo (Teïlo Azaïs), the son of lawyer Florent Grasset (Fabrice Deville), is fell in love of Aurora. It is also Clara Huet who plays the role of this beautiful blonde. Enzo is far from imagining that behind Aurore’s pretty face was a Machiavellian woman.

Indeed, the latter is in a relationship with him, for the sole purpose of freeing her father from prison. His father, Phillipe Verneuil, who was a former client of Enzo’s father. Not only was Aurore lying about her feelings, but she was also at the head ofdrug trafficking.

Ever since Enzo has been with her, he’s always been in conflict with his father. The reason is that the latter does not approve of their relationship.

A Machiavellian plan in “Un si grand soleil”

Aurore has only one goal, that is to release his father from prison. However, Florent has trouble getting him out of prison, because he found himself in a drug trafficking case. This is where Aurore then blackmailed the lawyer.

She asked him to kill Carole Martinez (Valérie Decobert), the only person who can testify against his father. However, Florent made him believe that he was going to do it and had informed his ex-father-in-law Becker (Yvon Back) and Clément (Marie-Gaëlle Cals).

They then hatched a plan to corner Aurore and Pilar. To do this, they made her believe that Carole is beautiful is dead and have them put under surveillance. This is where law enforcement learned about the money exchange they were about to do at the bullring.

The police were therefore about to arrest them, but there was a problem… Enzo! Clément had asked the lawyer to hold his son, but the latter did not accept.

Aurore dies in tragic circumstances

Florent Grasset therefore had to tell the whole truth to his son. This one, madly in love with Aurore, didn’t believe him and thus decided to go to the bullring. When Enzo arrives at the scene, Becker is forced to launch the operation. The police surrounded the two women.

However, the latter took out their weapons and the police had to shoot at them. Everything happened before Enzo’s eyes! The woman he loved lost his life behind him. It must be said that viewers of “Such a great sun” have been waiting for this moment for a long time!

Indeed, many didn’t like it at all the character embodied by the young woman in the soap opera. This is what will happen during the second evening of prime time which will be broadcast on August 3. The story will therefore focus on Enzo’s anger against his family.

Remember that the soap opera has been deprogrammed several times. Last year, the reason given was the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, “Such a great sun” was canceled because of the presidential election.

As a result, the soap opera had 5 weeks delay. Thus, to overcome this problem, the France 2 channel started several prime time evenings during the summer holidays. Basically, viewers will then feast on six episodes in one evening during this prime time.

Enzo tells the backstage of his love story

It has been more than three years that Teïlo Azaïs has been part of the family of “Such a great sun”. He’s played a couple in other movies before, but it was this soap opera that he starred in an intimate scene.

The young man confided in the subject to our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. He confessed that a few scenes were a bit hard to turn for him. However, still according to his words, Clara listened and did everything to reassure him.

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