Stéphane Plaza, seducer with his clients?  "You already fuck my wife"...

Stéphane Plaza, seducer with his clients? “You already fuck my wife”…

Stéphane Plaza has long had a reputation as a seducer.  (Photo by Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Stéphane Plaza has long had a reputation as a seducer. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

On the poster for a new issue of “Search apartment or house” this Thursday August 11, 2022 on M6, Stéphane Plaza still seduces the public as much. But, according to the assertions of his friend Karine Le Marchand, the most famous real estate agent of the PAF also had the gift of seducing his clients…

A pillar of M6 for many years, Stéphane Plaza is as well known for his good humor as for his legendary clumsiness. The real estate agent has been a great success on M6 for many years thanks to its targeted programs on the search for real estate. A risky bet for the time, but still working 16 years after its debut. On screen as in real life, Stéphane Plaza is charming and charming. Maybe a little too much, actually…

Video. “He drank a lot”: Karine Le Marchand makes sad secrets about Stéphane Plaza’s past

The secrets of Karine Le Marchand

Very close to Stéphane Plaza, whom she considers her best friend, Karine Le Marchand never hesitates to tickle her comrade, whether on the air of “Big Heads” or on Instagram. In 2020, on RTL, the host of “Love is in the meadow” said without complex: “The problem is that he no longer sleeps with the ladies who sell their apartments. When I knew him , when he was showing around, sometimes… It’s well known that real estate agents fuck in apartments for sale!”

And to continue with a very crisp anecdote: “One day, we were filming, he was terrified because a guy was looking for him. He made me listen to his message, it was: ”Stéphane Plaza, which would be good , it’s that you’re selling my apartment. Because you’re already fucking my wife, but then if you don’t sell it, it won’t go well at all!”. I specify that the gentleman was selling because he was divorced.” A memory that made the main interested party laugh, who concluded: “I gave happiness to this lady who no longer had her interior up to date.

Stéphane Plaza, tired of talking about his sexuality

However, for many years, doubt has hovered over the sexual orientation of the host of “Search apartment or house”. In 2017, in the columns of Télé 7 Jours, he still preferred to sow doubt: “I am happy but not PACS! Understand whoever wants. Those who do not understand may continue to say that I am gay, or gay, but I don’t mind. I don’t have to deny or confirm. It’s in the realm of privacy.”

More recently, it was in an interview granted to the Journal du Dimanche that he finally decided to make a point: “I find it crazy that people ask themselves this kind of question about me. Well, I say it for the first time: I’m heterosexual. That’s it.” Hetero, therefore, but a little more tidy, since according to his great friend Karine Le Marchand, he would have stopped flirting with the clients of his real estate agency…

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