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Sophie Davant violently criticized by a surfer: she steps up and answers cash!

No one is in danger of undermining the joy and good humor this summer! The sun finally comes out and Sophie Davant takes a vacation. Indeed, Sophie Davant is in the south of France. And she took the opportunity to share a lunch immortalized by a photo at the restaurant of chef Glenn Viel. This post has unfortunately received criticism on the part of Internet users… But not enough to dampen the good mood of the presenter. A great personality who knew maintain one’s second degreeagainst all odds!

A shocking holiday photo

A stay that seems exceptional! While she is currently in the south of France with her family, Sophie Davant took the opportunity to allow herself a little madness. Indeed, she had lunch in the gastronomic restaurant of the new member of the jury the grand chef, Glenn Viel. A very pleasant moment, accompanied by his daughter Valentine, a culinary journalist. Her daughter took the opportunity to write a nice review of the restaurant in her mother’s magazine. The magazine bears soberly the name of S, Sophie Davant’s magazine.

This meal then led to a photo of Sophie Davant with the chef in question. Indeed, the moment was immortalized by a photo that she then published on her Instagram account. However, this publication has been subject to various reviews by netizens. If most of them pointed to the beaming smile and tan of the 59-year-old presenter. Others have shown a great lack of elegance and respectlike this subscriber who attacked her with force.

Mean comments and response from Sophie Davant

One of the comments leaves no room for kindness. “What elegance of doing t*pless in your sixties and your breasts dropping! We see the end of the breasts! It’s classy, ​​the sun has had its effect, because the skin is very wrinkled on the arm! The hairstyle do not talk about it, you have to dare to show yourself like that, finally, there are still many gentlemen who will appreciate without seeing the sad reality! ». And very violent and especially nasty message. A free reply that made Sophie Davant respond, in her own way. Indeed, in a very serious tone, but also serious, she answered. ” And you, how are you apart from that? ».

Fortunately, the rest of the Internet users were able to share more than kindness to the presenter. A netizen then wrote: “A little respect does not kill”. Others come to the defense of Sophie Davant by comparing the author of the first message to a “language of viper ». It also reads: “Do not don’t be jealous, meanness is not a good adviser” or again: “Ihope that I will be like she is at the same age… On the other hand, unlike her you lack so much class, the sourness eats you from the inside, you vomit your wickedness ».

Sophie Durant supported by her friends

His former colleague and friend Laura Tenoudji also quickly defended herself. ” The dogs bark, the caravan passes… We wish everyone to be as fulfilled and radiant as Sophie… But success stirs up jealousy…”. This support from the spouse of Christian Estrosi received a favorable reception from Sophie Davant. However, she did not respond.

Despite her detractors, Sophie Davant has no shortage of projects! Indeed, still at the head of the program Affaires Conclues on France 2, she multiplies the interviews intended for son magazine. All of this, of course, while taking advantage of his two children. Indeed, from her past union with Pierre Sled are born Valentine and Nicolas (26 and 29 years old).

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