Sony veut transformer votre PC en PS5

Sony wants to turn your PC into a PS5

news material Sony wants to turn your PC into a PS5

With the many reissues of PlayStation games, Sony is currently looking into the development of a dedicated launcher for its catalog on PC.

An increasingly blatant rapprochement between Sony and PC

You have probably noticed, for a few years Sony has taken a certain pleasure in developing PC ports for its big exclusives. This year, for example, we had the right to release God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC. Two games that had left their mark on Sony consoles.

In addition, we also know that the Japanese manufacturer intends to work more and more towards the PC. Initially with the creation of a dedicated label and then with the acquisition of the PC porting specialist: Nixxes. If you thought that the firm’s strategy stopped there, well, you were wrong since in its desire for investment and development, Sony could indeed develop a PlayStation launcher on PC – according to the information shared by CGV.

The creation of this hypothetical launcher could allow the Minato firm to more easily achieve its of them being to earn $300 million from PC games in the current year. With God of War, Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man Remastered, Sony’s PC catalog is still a bit thin at the moment. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the Japanese company will continue to develop ports for its big exclusives.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered: The Gate to the Launcher

As VCG explains, it is therefore in the files of the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered that the first clues to a PlayStation launcher for PC have been discovered. Even if these databases often include content ideas that are shelved, they are still a source of information.

In this database, therefore, mention is made of a “PlayStation PC launcher”but also files referring to a “PSNAccountLinked” and “PSN Linking Rights”. Even if all this is still quite vague, understand here that Sony is thinking about creating a bridge between PlayStation and PC.

If this feature ends up seeing the light of day, it will allow Sony to bring all of its productions together in one place. – for the moment the games are available on Steam and/or Epic Games. In addition, this hypothetical launcher could also allow the arrival of new features.

  • Cross purchase
  • Cross-save
  • Crossplay
  • Ability to link your PSN account to PlayStation games on PC

Bet end to end, the latter could sign a real turning point in the love story between Sony and the PC. It would also be an opportunity for the Japanese firm to catch up on Microsoft, which already has many features thanks to Windows and Xbox.

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