Slimane ultra anxious: this terrible fear for his child, he risks losing it, touching revelations

For the young singer of 32 years, success is not only professional. And for good reason, since January, it is by nursing that Slimane crunches life to the fullest. Amazed by his new role as dad, the former protege of Florent Pagny let himself go some secrets on his little piece of cabbage in the columns of Télé-Loisirs.

Slimane is a hit!

Since winning Season 5 of ” The voice “Slimane continues to chain successes. ” Versus “his album in collaboration with Vitaa, prances in the bins with more than 800 thousand copies sold.

Always at the side of the singer of the song “On the edge of you”it also fills its stages. Alas, for fans of the duo, their collaboration will definitely end December 17, 2022, the scheduled date of their final tour.

If the singer plans to end her career, for Slimane, retirement is not currently on her agenda. Moreover, he is already preparing his solo comeback with a brand new album “Chronicles of a Cupid”.

“I’m afraid of losing her”

Since little Esmeralda entered his life, Slimane has become the happiest man in the world. A happiness that he does not hesitate to display on Instagram, delighting his more than 900 thousand subscribers. Each time the young man shares photos of his daughter on the social network, the latter are dazzled and let it be known in the comments.

In short, Slimane is “totally in love with his daughter” as evidenced by his remarks during his interview with Télé-Loisirs. For a long time, the singer wanted to become a father. I have to say that this role suits him like a glove. However, having a child made her understand the ” fear “ and in particular that of seeing one day disappear this little being who fills him with so much joy.

According to his confidences:

“Watching a baby, you learn a lot about the world. I’ve been afraid of losing her since I became a dad. (..)Before, I was not afraid of death. Today, I ask myself questions. I think about her more than me. »

In order to take full advantage of his daughter, Slimane affirms thathe will never leave again on the road when she goes to school.

Complicated first months

Fortunately for the young dad, little Esmerlada is today in tip top shape. This was not the case during the first months of his life. Remember, on January 25, 2022, it was with great emotion that Slimane announced the birth of her daughter in a video posted on Instagram.

That day, the interpreter of ” Recipe “ was torn between two emotions: joy and worry. And for good reason, his daughter, born two months early, had trouble breathing and to feed.

“I’ve been praying every day for a month that she’ll be better and that I can quickly introduce her to all the people who already love her, my family, my friends,” he said.

From now on, father and daughter enjoy life every day. Gaga of little Esmeralda, Slimane always takes her with him, even on tour. Long before the birth of his baby, he already wrote him a song.

“I finished her while she was in the hospital. The first two months of his life were complicated. A song will never be enough to tell my daughter how much I love her, ”he says in the columns of Télé-Loisirs.

Slimane: his mother’s illness

When it comes to talking about his daily dadSlimane, who is very discreet about his love life, is thrilled. guest in “50′ inside” on May 28, 2022, the singer once again mentioned the arrival of his ” little angel “.

According to his secrets, each time he changes a diaper, gives her a bottle and she looks at him, he falls more and more in love for his daughter. Unfortunately, his mother’s health taints his happiness somewhat. Indeed, during his interview with the host of ” The voice “Slimane confided in the illness of this woman to whom he owes so much.

Suffering from diabetes for a long time, the latter is “going blind” according to the words of the singer. On the verge of tears, he notably returned to this time when she did not recognize him.

“When she says to me: ‘But are you sure it’s Slimane?’, well, inevitably, it upsets,” he confided.

Because of her illness, Slimane’s mother was afraid of not seeing his granddaughter. Fortunately, she still had the chance to know what little Esmeralda looks like.

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