Slimane appears in bed with a cult candidate from Secret Story, this video panics the Web!

Slimane is gradually unveiling his new album “Chroniques de cupidon” on social networks. This album, devoted to love and his daughterdemonstrates enormous talent. In his latest clip posted on his Instagram account, Slimane unveiled his new title “Sentimental”… All in very seductive close-ups of a well-known reality TV candidate! Hot atmosphere! We tell you everything!

His new album “Cupid Chronicles”

After several years in duet with Vitaa, Slimane is preparing to make a comeback as a solo artist. Indeed, in a few weeks he will release his new album “Chroniques d’un cupidon”. An album in which the singer really reveals himself with an open heart. Most of his songs are the subject of collaborations with many personalities. The list includes La Zarra, Soprano, Claudio Capéo and many more. On his social networks, Slimane highlighted several excerpts from his songs. Some of them are then accompanied by illustrations. Images that reflect the very essence of his songs.

An album dedicated to love and his daughter Esméralda, born a few months ago. However, one song in particular arouses the attention of his fans. The latter is called “Thousands of I love you”. In particular, it was entirely designed for his daughter, Esmeralda. In it, Slimane then confides in the exceptional love he has for her. “Istarted writing this song when she was unborn and finished it while she was in the hospital. The first two months of his life were complicated. One song will never be enough to tell my daughter how much I love her.he then confided to Télé Loisirs.

Slimane in bed with a famous candidate

Every Friday in Augustthe singer has chosen to reveal a new track followed by the corresponding clip. It all started on August 5, with the poignant “Fears”. Then there is the arrival of “Les roses du Bois de Boulogne” a week later, in which he puts himself in the shoes of a prostitute dreaming of a better future. On Friday the 19th, Slimane continues with “Sentimental”. The lyrics “You’re my ideal”, “I won’t hurt you” on a languorous and swaying air of a ballad. On his side, “Sentimental” is a kind of nursery rhyme for falling asleep… but not only! Filmed in close-up, lips soft and the intense eyes of Ayem Nour play the stars. And this, alongside a Slimane with a languorous gaze…

We know the many facets of the Lyonnaise Ayem Nour. Former girlfriend of Nabilla, she took her first steps with the general public during the 5th season of Secret Story. Since then, she has chained the roles of host, influencer, columnist… And today, she plays the role of “model face” for the clip of her friend Slimane. A sweet and beautiful find that goes perfectly with this most romantic title! This very intimate video allows us to get closer to Slimane’s heartbeat. He then films himself with his beloved, embodied by the influencer and host Ayem Nour. In a bubble of sweetness.

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