Skull and Bones is revealed and will be released on November 8, 2022 - News

Skull and Bones is revealed and will be released on November 8, 2022 – News


Result of a collaboration between 10 Ubisoft studios (Singapore, Belgrade, Berlin, Chengdu, Kyiv, Montreal, Paris, Philippines, Pune and Shanghai), Skull and bones therefore dropped the old generation gear, probably to simplify things technically. This open-world pirate game will also support cross-play and cross-progression on all platforms.

The principle of the game aims to become a legendary pirate captain starting from a status of simple pariah. To do this, players will have to develop their Infamy by fighting naval battles and all kinds of missions with varying levels of risk and rewards, from simply collecting resources to attacking rich merchant ships.

As we had already seen in the leak a few months ago, it is by developing their Infamy that players will be able to build increasingly ambitious ships (a fleet can include up to 12 boats) while taking care in all cases to the good morale of the crew to avoid mutinies. Some Contracts may be shared with other players, but Ubisoft confirms that all content in Skull and bones can be played solo.

If the ship ends up at the bottom of the sea, the player takes an Infamy penalty and respawns at the nearest checkpoint. The good news is that he will retain most of his cargo and can still salvage the rest by returning to his wreckage location, provided no other players come to get their hands on the loot in the meantime. .


Set in the Indian Ocean, the game is inspired by the end of the 17th century, a chaotic period considered the second golden age of piracy and conducive to disputes between factions and organizations just waiting to take control. power in this wild paradise. Players can write their story solo or team up with two other pirates. PvP will also be there to compete against rival pirates.

If Ubisoft is perhaps relieved to see the end of the tunnel with this title, Skull and bones hopes to be entitled to several years of post-launch content, like most of the publisher’s headlines. The game will therefore be regularly updated with free content (activities, stories, challenges) and perhaps also more ambitious paid extensions, if the wind blows in the right direction.

Now available for pre-order, Skull and bones will cost 59.99 euros on PC and 79.99 euros on consoles. Remember that it will not be the only big title from Ubisoft for the end of the year since the French publisher must also release Avatar: Pandora’s Frontierswithout forgetting Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope which is sure to find its audience when it releases on Switch on October 20th.

Along with a cinematic trailer and a detailed 7-minute walkthrough, the game’s official site is live here, including offering to join the Insider program to guide developers on the path to success, despite the relatively close release date. exit.

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