Shy’m: XXL neckline and mini-shorts, the singer charms her fans with “love her life”!

Shy’m takes advantage of his vacation to spend time with his wonderful family. Among them is his son, Tahoma. However, his son is not often shared on the singer’s Instagram account. The many subscribers of the singer therefore love these shots when they make their rare appearances.

Shy’m and its relationship with its subscribers

Shy’m knows very well how appease his many followers. This Sunday, August 14, the singer posted a series of photos on her Instagram account. On the first, the singer of Woman of color appears alone. Before discovering his child from behind in many stagings. Almost two years old, Tahoma has already shown his elegance to the Web with a look that has seduced. Shy’m therefore obviously knows how to please her fans who have been following her since long before the arrival of her son. Suffice to say, thanks to his pictures, that the family is having a great vacation. Surrounded by the people they care about the most.

On August 11, Shy’m had already announceda video of her toddler. A video on which we see him in a pink bathrobe, with dark glasses on his nose. In this photo, we can see it sway to a Burna Boy song. The hardcore fans love the shots of her beautiful little boy. Shy’m has never hidden his love for his son either. Indeed, whether on her Instagram account or during certain interviews, the singer shows her love for little Tahoma.

“I like the idea that it’s not a gendered name”

Since January 2021, Tamara Marthe, known as Shy’m, has been the mother of this little boy. Her presence in the life of the singer brings her great pleasure on a daily basis. The young woman notably revealed, during an interview with the Journal des Femmes in October 2021, the way in which she found such an “original” name. “He is remember it was on the set of my music video called ‘Ensemble’, and at that time, I had the idea of ​​calling it Tao. I talk about the first name with my stylist, I was still pregnant, and he tells me that his cousin’s name is Tahoma. Since I had already heard the first name Tao on some children, I found Tahoma very pretty and very poetic. I wanted an original first name”.

In Native American, his very original first name means “snow-capped mountain top”. Indeed, the first name Tahoma has a strong meaning for his mother and French singer Shy’m. ” On took a long time before settling on a first name and finally, we decided three weeks before the birth »she confided. “Ilikes the mixed side of the first name Tahoma: the fact that it ends in an A and that it is a boy. I like the idea that it’s not a gendered name.”. Indeed, the first name Tahoma could go as much to a little boy as to a little girl. However, what we know constitutes the fact that the son of Shy’m remains as beautiful as ever. And this, thanks to photos posted on his Instagram account.

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