should we watch this manipulative thriller starring Lambert Wilson?

should we watch this manipulative thriller starring Lambert Wilson?


This evening, at 9:10 p.m., on France 2, under its air of a classic thriller, The translatorsthe second film by Régis Roinsard (Popular) holds many surprises. Here’s why you have every interest in discovering his manipulative scenario.

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Tonight, the France 2 channel is broadcasting at 9:10 p.m., The translatorsmanipulative thriller in which nine translators of nine different nationalities are locked up in a bunker by a temperamental editor (Lambert Wilson, poisonous and deep, as in the Totems series), in order to translate, each into their mother tongue, the highly anticipated third volume of a worldwide best-seller. This is the starting point of a film that hides its game well and plays with the viewers’ nerves with false leads and twists. There is Agatha Christie and Cluedo in this quickly oppressive atmosphere behind closed doors.

The Translators: Inspired by an Incredible True Story

It may sound crazy, but the original idea of Regis Roinsard for these Translators was not born from the fruit of his imagination: it is inspired by real events! When writing the screenplay, the filmmaker thought back to Inferno, signed Dan Brown, the fourth book relating the adventures of Robert Langdon. To guarantee a simultaneous worldwide release, the publisher had decided to gather and lock up the translators of the novel in a kind of bunker, in order to avoid any possible leaks. The same intriguing starting point in the film, with the luxurious underground passages of the castle of Lambert Wilson (who struggled to recover from his expulsion from Greenpeace) where the translators are locked up.

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Translators: it’s not just entertainment

If it entertains by playing with the codes of “whodunit” (a genre popularized by Agatha Christie where the spectator/reader tries to discover who is the culprit), the film also draws up a scathing indictment against the excesses of publishing. Indeed, he describes a world where writers are less and less respected and where the scope of a work is only measured by the scale of its success. And this not very tender vision of literature and its commercial exploitation is probably a thinly veiled metaphor for the world of cinema…

Translators: polyglot actors… or almost!

Translatorsit is also a choral film where each character has its importance. Of different nationalities, the actors perform both in French and in their mother tongue. At the time of filming, that must not have made things any easier, because not everyone really spoke French. Some were even forced to learn their lines phonetically. But it works! Although very different, the young Alex Lawther (seen in the series black mirror), Olga Kurylenko, Sidse Babett Knudsen (the heroine of The castle), Frédéric Chau and the others are all excellent. The result is an atypical film, very gripping and in some ways…exotic!

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