Des Chiffres et des lettres

SHOCK! Two stars “Numbers and letters” leave the program, other unexpected announcements!

” New letters, no better »” The account is good “”. Everyone knows these iconic expressions of the game numbers and letters. A flagship program broadcast on television, currently on France 3, and which has existed for 51 years under this name. The show initially had no numbers and was called The Longest Word. It is an unfailing success, especially with older viewers. However, from August 29regular viewers of the game show are going to experience a big upheaval.

Replaced by Family Duels

Numbers and letters will be replaced by family duels. A regional match game presented by Cyril Féraud, a new entertainment program. It doesn’t mean that Numbers and letters ceases to exist. Indeed, it will still be able to continue to exist, a few weeks later, at 5:15 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. And this, instead of Find the intruder presented by Églantine Éméyé. As well as. We we are all specialistshosted by Carinne Teyssandier, who both suffered deprogramming.

This information, revealed by Le Parisien, risks pissing off the oldest viewers of the channel. Indeed, this program has long held its place in the television schedule. It remains obvious that this show will face a dilemma with its audience. Either Numbers and Letters will succeed in keeping its audience. Either they will have to forge a new one. However, the disruption and disorganization of all these programs has to do with the Women’s Tour de France that France 3 wishes to broadcast at these times.

Shock departures Numbers and letters

And as if that weren’t enough disturb avid viewers… Laurent Romejko retains his role as presenter as he has done for 30 years. However, two other Numbers and Letters stars will be jumping ship. It is Bertrand Foxnumbers specialist since 1975 and former contestant of the game who won 12 times and won 6,000 francs. But also, Arielle Boulin-Pratliterary professional, who has participated in and presented the show since 1986.

Their departure would amount to being synonymous with a “disagreement contractual around the passage from five to two programs per week »note our colleagues. The latter, who will be on the air for the last time on September 11 on Numbers and Letters, will therefore be replaced. The big question remains: by who ? Apparently, recruiting is still going on, and hunting down new presenters isn’t as easy as it looks. Hopefully this new slot and the schedule, which is set to undergo some changes, will retain their audience or find a new one. But there’s no doubt a lot of people will feel distraught that their favorite show might change. We will know what will happen in a few weeks. For now, all we have to do is wish good luck to those who were thought to be indestructible : Arielle and Bernard!

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