Sheila collapsed: the singer mourns the terrible loss of her son Ludovic at 42…

In 2017, Sheila lived the greatest drama in a mother’s life. His only son died at the age of 42. Ludovic Chancel is gone forever after a cocaine overdose. He left a whole family. Tara Rose, who was born in 2001, will grow up without his father and Sylvie Ortega Munos will never see her companion again. To express her pain, Sheila will write an entire song in memory of her only son. In her melancholy at having lost her “real friends”, Sheila publishes a family photo in honor of Ludovic Chancel.

Ludovic Chancel’s tribute to Sheila before his death

In his lifetime, Ludovic Chancel paid a tender tribute to his mother. The young man had written on his Instagram account. During that time, mother and son were in conflict. Despite this, he still had the heart to send a message to his mother to celebrate his 70th birthday.

“It is obvious that for me August 16 was a special date, despite a conflict that separates us she remains for me my mother above all. I wish him health, love, peace and the best for the future. I am very happy for her for the affection that all of France touches her for her 70th birthday and I will just end with a few words: I love you. Your pill <3”, was his message.

Now that the singer is 77 years old, this one probably read this post again countless times to reminisce about his son.

Source: Pure People

“The greatest tragedy of my life”

Singer Sheila confessed to Sophie Davant’s magazine that the loss of her son is part of the greatest pains of his life.

“He will forever be my beloved son and his passing is the greatest tragedy in my life. she said that day.

Sheila did not immediately believe that her son left like that. She will even file a complaint against X.

“When you lose your child, you can’t help believing that you were wrong. she told the magazine.

She only resigned herself when she received the diagnosis attesting to the death of his son. The medical file mentions that he died during “a cocaine overdose caused by the massive absorption of cocaine and benzodiazepines. Sheila had a hard time believing this story, but she had to come to terms with it over time.

“I wondered why he chose this path. I couldn’t stop him. When drugs get involved… It’s very complicated to fight against powder. she adds.

It is undoubtedly in this spirit that she uses the following passage in her song:

“My horizon, my beautiful horse, you are free and without tomorrow. I could not slow your course or make you turn back. »

She won’t see him again. She couldn’t stop him, but at least he’s now free of this addiction.

As a mother, Sheila will forever keep memories spent with his son and would like people to respect his memory.

“I tried to pass on the best to Ludo, he grew up with me, he was an adorable little boy, and as a teenager he was just as much. I want people to stop saying nonsense about him. Ludo chose his life, he did stupid things, like others. Now I would like to be left alone. »

Sheila’s posthumous gift for her son

For her son who passed away on July 8, 2017, Sheila dedicates the song “Cheval d’Amble” to him from his album Come from elsewhere. This deeply sad mother will sing all the passages with great emotion.

However, this ordeal which “brought blood [son] heart” as she says in the lyrics of this song, didn’t have the impact she wanted.

“I would like to be left alone, that’s why I made this song. My son is gone, it will be four years in July. What bothers me is that in reality, it’s not about him that we’re talking about it, it’s about me and the more or less nauseating stories. He doesn’t deserve this,” she told PureCharts indignantly.

“You will never leave me…”: this shot in honor of Ludovic Chancel

Four years after the death of his son, Sheila posted a family photo. It was captioned:

“You will never leave me…”

She nevertheless lamented the fact that the media don’t talk about her son only like a shadow of his mother.

“What shocks me a lot is that we only talk about Ludo compared to me. Yes, he messed up, because he was very badly surrounded, but we forget the boyish love he was. I think that all the mothers who have gone through the loss of a child will find themselves in this text, “were these words to the Parisian.

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