She takes a selfie with her darling and sends it to her father, a very embarrassing detail shocks her family!

A young woman who took advantage of his vacation with his partner wanted to send a selfie to his parents. They posed together, then she sent the picture to her mother. She hadn’t noticed that an embarrassing detail appeared at the bottom of the selfie.

When her mother then pointed it out to her, she and her boyfriend didn’t know where to go. The young woman was so embarrassed that she wanted to lie. Despite this, she still shared her stupidity with her subscribers who laughed a lot.

A selfie that revealed everything

Doing a self portrait is something a lot of couples do. Especially when they are on vacation or when they want to show how much they love each other. That’s what this young couple did. They took their picturebut didn’t notice an embarrassing detail which was on it.

Source: Capture Twitter

The story unfolded as Kelsey and her boyfriend Elliot were on vacation. They were both enjoying their stay when the young woman wanted to send a selfie to his parents.

With his companion, they then took a selfie in front of a mirror and sent the snapshot. If at first sight it seemed successful, Kelsey’s parents will point out an extremely embarrassing detail. Indeed, among the things placed on the chest of drawers and which appears on the photograph is a lubricant.

“Dad thinks the photos are beautiful, the Durex bottle is nice,” Kelsey’s mother replied.

Imagine the shame the young woman felt when she read the text message her mother sent her. She was so embarrassed that she made up an excuse to try to trick her.

“It’s Elliot’s knee gel,” she texted her parents.

Unfortunately for Kelsey, her parents did not fall into the trap. Her mother, who knew very well that she was lying, launched:

“Dad zoomed in! “.

The zoomed holiday photo
Source: Capture Twitter

“Elliot didn’t know where to go”

Elliot was also extremely embarrassed. He did not understand how his partner could send the photo without seeing the lubricant.

“Elliot didn’t know where to stand anymore,” Kelsey said.

The young man was ashamed for a long time even after he and his girlfriend have returned from vacation. Fortunately, Kelsey’s parents have a sense of humor. They took it well and continued to woo the couple on their return.

“It was good when we got back. Fortunately, my parents can see the funny side of things, ”shared the young woman.

When the couple and Kelsey’s parents then reunited, they had a long time to talk and laugh. His mother told them how his father reacted when he noticed the bottle in the photo. According to Kelsey, she couldn’t help laughing as she shared his story.

Internet users react to the photo

Kelsey wanted to tell her followers what happened. So she posted the embarrassing photo on Twitter along with the text messages she and her mother exchanged.

“Sorry dad. I will not send any more vacation photos in a rush, ”she wrote in the caption.

Obviously, his Tweet quickly went viral. In just a few hours, he garnered no less than 60,000 likes. It must be said that the subscribers laughed a lot at his stupidity.

In fact, there were many chamber Kelsey in the comments bar.

One of them wrote:

“Kels! you killed me “.

While another joked:

“Oh man! You can’t come back from vacation. »

His photos have been invaded by many hilarious comments.

“She should have known that a dad with his daughter is like the FBI”, “At least her mother and father remained rather calm! “, “Elliot’s knee must be huge”, can we also read.

As she recounted, Kelsey laughed a lot as she read some of the comments. When she wanted to show her dad what internet users wrote, this one refused to take a look.

“My father told me he didn’t want to know anything,” she said.

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