“She died”: Coumba (Koh-Lanta) posts her mother’s heartbreaking message before she dies

On August 19, 2022, Coumba spoke fondly of the disappearance of his mother. The ex-candidate of ” Koh Lanta “ shared an image of his late mother from over 10 years ago. Find out the details in this article.

Shocking secrets

Every year, fans of ” Koh Lanta “ impatiently awaiting a new season of the TF1 programme. It must be said that this program introduced us to several candidates in recent years. Coumba Baradji is one of them.

As a reminder, it was in 2005 that the public got to know the adventurer following her participation in ” Koh Lanta “. Years later, Coumba returns to the show by participating in Koh Lanta All Stars. This second appearance in the adventure only boosted Coumba’s popularity.

Today, thousands of people follow her on Instagram, which pushes the beautiful brunette to be more active on the social network. If she is used to sharing her sporting exploits on her account, this one made an exception on August 19, 2022. Indeed, Coumba Baradji had posted a video of his late mother.

“This video was shot in 2005 during my first participation in Koh-Lanta”, she wrote in the caption of the post.

She accepted the loss of her mother

In this video, Coumba’s mother encourages him to face his adventure in ” Koh Lanta “. A year after recording this image, the program candidate’s mother joined the stars at just 43 years old. After this drama, Coumba had not had the courage to watch the video.

“Because of my great sadness, I was not ready,” she wrote.

It is only recently that Coumba Baradji had the strength to watch this recording of the one who gave birth to her. As it was the only video she has of her mother, the beautiful brunette had decided to share it with her subscribers.

It has therefore been 16 years since the former participant of ” Koh Lanta “ lost his mother. The pain is still present in his heart. However, she was able to accept her mother’s disappearance over time.

“It was a long and perilous journey, but I got there,” she said.

In conclusion of her message, the former candidate of ” Koh Lanta “ had a particular request with regard to its subscribers. She encouraged them to take good care of their loved ones as long as they are still alive. Advice we should all follow.

His stalker died due to the heat

Like most public figures, Coumba Baradji was also the victim of criticisms on social networks. The hatred spread above all during the broadcast of Koh Lanta All Stars few months ago.

During this period, the adventurer was treated with all kinds of names. In particular, she was repeatedly threatened with death and had even been called “chimpanzee”. Therefore, the beautiful brunette decided to file a complaint against one of these stalkers. His name was Christophe and “was already suspended for similar facts”.

However, this stalker will never be judged since he is died some time ago. She is the former candidate of ” Koh Lanta “ herself who had announced the news at that time.

“Life is often surprising,” she said when announcing the disappearance of the individual.

According to Coumba, Christophe died “two days after his custody”. The man is dead because of the heat wave while he was in his home. He was 50 years old. For information, Christophe had been placed in police custody for 48 hours.

The adventurer of ” Koh Lanta “ received a letter telling her that her stalker no longer has the right to contact her. After being released, Christophe was placed under judicial control. His trial, which should have taken place in November 2022, will therefore not never took place following his death.

Note that he could have scooped of a prison sentence. Our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

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