She adopts a 6-year-old girl and makes a terrible discovery, a story worthy of a horror movie!

An American couple consisting of Kristine Barnett, 45, and now her ex-husband, Michael Barnett, 43, have adopted a baby girl. Indeed, in Florida, they made the decision to adopt Natalia Grace, an adorable little girl born in Ukraine. However, they later find out that she just turns out to be an adult sociopath pretending to be a child. And all this, thanks to a dental examination. We tell you everything!

An evil dwarf girl

” She tried to kill us! » This American mother, who adopted a 6-year-old Ukrainian girl, is accused, along with her ex-husband, of abandonment. However, she tells the British press that her “daughter” is a sociopath with dwarfism. Natalia was actually 22 years old and she pretended to be a child. A scary story where reality surpasses fiction. Kristine Barnett, an American and adoptive mother, told British reporters her terrifying story. In 2010, she adopted a 6-year-old girl named Natalia. However, in 2013, she learned that she had actually adopted a sociopathic dwarf born in 1989. While this scenario may sound familiar, it is, in fact, the exact plot of the Movie Esther (the original title: Orphan), released in cinemas in 2009.

However, the three years of living together with the little girl did not turn out to be obvious. According to Kristine, Natalia undertook a number of terrifying behaviors even dangerous. The adoptive mother claims her daughter Natalia tried to push her against an electric fence, put bleach in her coffee and even threatened to stab her. These facts would have pushed Kristine and her husband to abandon the little girl, as reported Closer.

Dental exams reveal his secret

It all made sense when Natalia passed dental exams. Indeed, Kristine quickly discovered that the little girl was much older! ! The baby girl’s adoptive mother then told the press: “Natalia was a woman: she had her period and adult teeth. She never grew, while even children with dwarfism continue to grow”. US authorities have also conducted an investigation from their side and established that Natalia was born in 1989 in Ukraine. She had been abandoned by her biological parents.

Kristine and her husband have reportedly been charged withbaby girl abandonment by a judge and ordered to pay a fine of $10,500. Natalia, for her part, joined another American family from 2013 and seems to be living a happy life. However, Kristine refutes these allegations and states that she and Michael were the real victims here. Victims of fraudknowing that the girl they adopted was an adult con artist who tried to kill them. One thing seems certain: if the original birth certificate mentions the date of May 2010, Natalia was not 6 years old. Born in 1989, she was actually, according to US government officials, almost 22 years old!

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