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Sharp price drop on this 1TB SSD perfect for storage on the PS5

Some gamers complain about not being able to get their hands on a PlayStation 5. Others complain about running out of space on their PlayStation 5 to store their games. For the former, we unfortunately cannot do anything except encourage you to take your troubles patiently. For the latter, we have a low-cost solution: the Crucial P5 Plus SSDwith a capacity of 1 to. Ideal for PS5this article just passed on sale at €109.99 on many merchant sites, not Amazon. We explain to you why it is a good deal.

1 TB of additional storage for only 110 euros

Currently, the Crucial P5 Plus SSD is on sale at €109.99, down from €172.79 in normal times according to the crossed out price of Amazon — i.e. 36% reduction.

PS5 SSD Sale

Wait… We are looking for the price of this product on other sites

Some merchant sites display a higher starting price, up to €190. Let’s bet that the SSD is usually in this price range: in any case, at its current cost, it’s a bargain, the model offering a nice spec sheet which we will detail below.

Note that this model does not include heatsinksusually used to cool the SSD and maintain its performance over time, by preventing heat damage to it or the components around it. We still recommend that you addespecially since it generally costs between ten and twenty euros, which is less than the amount you save with this promo.

The characteristics of the Crucial P5 Plus: an SSD made for the PS5

You will no doubt have noticed that internal SSDs have been on the rise for some time, and the reason for this is in three letters: PS5. Sony’s latest home console actually runs with a disc Hard diska storage medium whose fast loading times have been praised many times.

But in its basic configuration, the PS5 only offers 1TB of memoryof which about a third is reserved for the proper functioning of the system. This is why gamers appreciate the possibility of being able to increase the internal storage, by adding an additional SSD.

As such, Crucial P5 Plus M2 SSD gives you 1TB of extra memorythat you can dedicate to the installation of games and applications in addition to the basic storage.

1To promote internal SSDs

Wait… We are looking for the price of this product on other sites

Sony recommends 5500MB/s sequential read speed; however, this model can go up up to 6600 MB/sso that’s more than you need to guarantee load times Express from the console. In writing, and although this is less crucial for the daily use of the PS5, this model reaches 5,000 MB / s.

The maximum dimensions allowed by the PlayStation 5 are 110 millimeters in length, 25 millimeters in width and 11.25 millimeters in height. Here again, we are in the nails with 80 millimeters in length, 22 millimeters in width and 2.3 millimeters in height. This still gives you headroom for the cooling system.

Of course, it is also possible to intend this product for a PC. Thanks to its excellent read and write speeds, this one will guarantee you superb performance, with the possibility of launching and loading your games and applications quickly for the playersbut also to export large video files for content creators.

For only a hundred euros, the Crucial P5 Plus SSD is an affordable and efficient way to increase the memory of his PlayStation 5or of boost the loading and writing speeds of your gaming PC. A promotion not to be missed, currently valid on Amazon and other merchant sites.


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