SEO, social networks, marketing strategy…

SEO, social networks, marketing strategy…


Social media guide: trends to follow for 2022

How are social networks evolving? And above all, is your 2022 strategy sufficiently advanced in relation to your sector of activity? In this report, you will discover the social networks and content favored by each type of organization, but also the indicators used by companies to measure their performance on social media. You’ll also find insights on influencer marketing: how is it being leveraged by B2B and B2C companies and how much do they plan to invest in the next year.

In this report, Meltwater shares the results of its survey of over 3,000 marketing experts in the fall of 2021.

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SEO guide: the key steps for an effective content strategy

Even if the trends in the digital field are constantly evolving, there is a rule that has endured well over time: “content is king” (content is king). Indeed, content is an essential element that must be taken into account in a marketing strategy defined upstream. To stand out from competitors on search engines, it is important to regularly create relevant content that meets the expectations of your target.

CyberCité, the agency specializing in SEO, SEA, media, data and content, shares the main stages of Content Marketing through a complete SEO guide.

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A white paper on content strategy where everything is explained simply.

Guide: 10 tips for your 2022 marketing strategy

More than 1,500 marketers based in France and Europe were interviewed about their strategies in 2021 and their marketing plans for 2022. The global pandemic has greatly disrupted the strategies of companies, which in particular had to accelerate their efforts in the digital field.

HubSpot unveils a comprehensive 50-page report on the marketing industry and its key developments, and shares valuable tips to help you prepare your marketing strategy for 2022.

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Email marketing strategy will be a priority for marketers in 2022.

Instagram guide: how to improve your content strategy

Success does not come by posting only 3 or 4 photos on your account, without any real strategy upstream. For a brand, succeeding in developing a community and engaging it requires a solid content strategy, from identifying your targets to choosing your formats (carousel, video, reels, lives, etc.).

YouLoveWords, a leading Content Marketing solution, shares a comprehensive white paper with lots of tips and best practices for effectively managing your Instagram account.

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In the guide, find concrete examples of effective posts on Instagram.

Marketing Automation Guide: Save Time with Automations

Plezi shares 11 marketing automation examples that can help you save up to 1 week of work per month. In particular, you will discover how to automate the creation and sending of your newsletter, automate your publications on social networks, segment your contacts automatically, synchronize your CRM, enrich your contacts via workflows, automate appointment scheduling, etc.

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A guide produced by Plezi, a French marketing automation solution.

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