Robert Lewandowski passe aux aveux après son départ polémique

Robert Lewandowski passe aux aveux après son départ polémique

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We can say that the great adventure that linked Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Munich for almost a decade turned sour at the end. While the Polish striker absolutely wanted to leave for Catalonia, relations with the German champion were considerably strained, in particular because the Munich staff led by President Oliver Kahn and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic had no intention to separate from their star. A whole host of declarations and clashes followed, with sulphurous media outings on both sides. Robert Lewandowski therefore left Bayern through the back door. In an interview with German media Sports1the principal concerned returned to this tumultuous departure and somehow apologized.

“It’s just a new feeling for me. I needed this change, this step to another country and to another club. I feel like a kid with a new toy “, he first launched, before explaining that there was no coldness with Bayern: ” it’s like that. We wrote history together and I always gave 100%. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t give it my all. Leaders know it too. There is only mutual gratitude, mutual respect. That’s why we stayed together a long time. FC Bayern will always be in my heart.”.

He apologizes to the fans

“I know it hurt a lot of fans. I can understand them and I can only apologize for them now. For me, at that time, it was important and necessary to say clearly that I wanted to leave. In the end, we’re all just human beings, aren’t we? After twelve years in Germany, it was clear to me: my adventure here was over. I wanted to make that clear, because of course it was not easy for FC Bayern to agree to a sale at this stage. It was a difficult situation for everyone involved and we had to find the best solution.”added the one who celebrated his first goal in the Barcelona tunic on Sunday evening against the Pumas in a friendly.

“I have always been very clear with the coach. Anyone who knows me knows that I go straight to the things that come to mind. I also gave him my opinion, and I believe that in the end he understood me better and better. But I have to say that I never had any personal problems with Julian and did not publicly criticize him or his tactics. We talked a lot between us, we discussed in a close way. The fact that you don’t always agree on the pitch is just part of it. But I never said a bad word about Julian or Julian. I know he has great potential as a coach. He can and certainly will win many more titles.”concluded the Barcelona goleador. How to ease tensions? Not sure…

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