Retirement: this little-known aid of 916 euros that seniors do not claim!

Newborn, young student, parents, and senior, the state accompanies you. The government welfare scheme is there to improve your purchasing power. For the elderly, in addition to retirement pensions, you are granted special assistance.

It’s about minimum old agecalled since 2006 Solidarity allowance for the elderly or ASPA. This allowance can allow you to boost your purchasing power. Who is affected and how do I get it? We tell you everything in this article.

Minimum old age: Statistics

The Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) conducted a study in 2016. They studied the number of people eligible for ASPA or minimum old age and the receipts linked to this aid. The figures are quite clear and show a lot of shortfall for retirees.

During this study, the DREES revealed that approximately 790 million euros of this allocation was still available at the end of 2016. That is to say that many eligible persons had not participated. In addition, this study only focused on seniors.

another amount is still planned for couples who can benefit from it. It is obvious that many recipients of this aid did not use it. It is a shortfall for the people concerned.

“The non-payment rate is almost 50%. A total of 321,200 beneficiaries out of 646,800 could therefore not receive their rights. However, the additional monthly income to be earned was €205,” says the DREES report.

It goes without saying that this sum is not negligible to increase their purchasing power. Especially for some families who are in precarious situations.

The conditions for obtaining the minimum old age

There is a certain number of conditions in order to apply for this allowance. Here are three of the most relevant:

1. Age

The first condition is obviously related to age. Moreover, it was not called “minimum old age” for nothing. In reality, the person must be retired. Thus, the minimum age to be eligible is 65 years. However, there is an exception for people on disability who can apply earlier.

2. Residence

Second, the applicant must draw up the liquidation of his pension with supplements. This is important because the sum is one of the conditions for granting. It should be noted that this only concerns fees collected on European territory.

Moreover, for the French, the ASPA is only available for seniors who have lived in French territory for at least six months in the year. For nationals of other countries, grant is not impossiblebut the conditions are stricter.

Source: Pixabay

3. Resources

The last condition that can determine if you will have this help or not is your resource. Since it is an allowance, it is reserved exclusively for the most modest, even precarious households. To find out if you are part of it or not.

Here are the limits:

  • For single seniors, the amount of their income must not exceed the value of 916.78 euros per month.
  • For couples, the amount of their income is capped at €1,423.31 per month.

However, it happens that monthly income fluctuates. This is particularly the case for the self-employed. In this case, to which month of the year does this cap apply?

In fact, the calculation is made over the three months preceding the starting point of the ASPA. Roughly the first of the month following which you have applied for ASPA.

Drawing :

If your application was received on August 17, 2022, the departure date from ASPA is September 1, 2022. Thus, the ceiling will be calculated on the basis of your income of June, July and August.

Source: Pixabay

How to obtain the ASPA?

Remember that 40% of the people concerned don’t get this help. Unlike other allowances which are paid automatically, the minimum old age requires a prior application. To do this, you have to check your eligibility.

Then, you have to download the form with the new conditions on the official site of the public service or that of the Retirement Insurance. Once this form has been downloaded and completed, it must be sent to the pension fund usual for seniors.

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