Reddit : la mise à jour la plus attendue de France arrive enfin

Reddit: France’s most anticipated update finally arrives

news material Reddit: France’s most anticipated update finally arrives

Reddit is a very popular platform in the United States and even if it has its followers in France, it was, until then, not officially available on this market. But the situation is changing.

Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past 15 years, it’s hard not to have at least heard of Reddit, or even been one of the regulars. Born in 2005 in the United States, this social network that looks like a giant forum brings together hundreds of thousands of thematic discussion threads on almost all subjects.

Alongside the discussion aspect, Reddit is frequently noticed for its offbeat initiatives. It was on this platform that the famous Pixel War took place last April. Enough to give an additional spotlight on this extraordinary social network.

Reddit is coming to France, it’s official

Self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet”the platform was, strangely, not yet located in France. Sure, it has been possible to access Reddit in France since its creation, but this does not mean that it was really committed to its French community. But that just changed.

Reddit: France's most anticipated update finally arrives

Because Reddit, which is actively preparing its IPO, has decided to develop in Europe and more particularly in France, whose community is very active on the platform. “Europe is a priority in Reddit’s international expansion. With a highly engaged user base in France, we continue to build a more meaningful and localized experience for French users”in particular declared one of the spokespersons of the site to Figaro. In June, France would have brought back 2.6 million unique visitors to Reddit. A straw, when you know that the platform attracts 54 million active users every day around the world! We imagine that the service hopes to do much better in the future.

Reddit’s trick to attract even more French people

To formalize its launch in France, Reddit had the idea of ​​implementing a brand new feature, specific to France : a new tab, named “News”. This provides access to various sources of verified information.

Reddit’s proposal is particularly similar to that from Google News or Encore from Facebook News. The idea is to allow Internet users to learn and possibly react to current events within the platform. Interestingly, Reddit users from other countries simply have access to news from the United States.

If you visit Reddit from your PC, you may find that this “News” tab is not yet available. It is normal, because this feature is first planned on Reddit’s mobile apps. It is currently deployed on the iOS version, i.e. on iPhones, but the version for Android is expected by the end of the year. No details are given regarding its arrival on the desktop version of Reddit, but it is quite difficult to imagine the social network ignoring its website.

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