Real Madrid - Eintracht Francfort / Séduire Carlo Ancelotti, déloger Casemiro : Aurélien Tchouameni, l'épreuve du temps

Real Madrid – Eintracht Francfort / Séduire Carlo Ancelotti, déloger Casemiro : Aurélien Tchouameni, l’épreuve du temps

There will inevitably be a time when the cameras will be trained on him. Whether he’s on the pitch or, more likely, on the substitutes’ bench. Becoming the fourth most expensive player in the history of a club like Real Madrid prohibits anonymity in any case. Aurélien Tchouameni was aware of this when he chose to leave the Monegasque cocoon for the frenzy of the Spanish capital. The White House has not skimped on the means for the French international: 80 million euros, maybe 100 depending on the bonuses. Reputed to be a spendthrift, she had only spent more on Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Three stars landed in the Spanish capital with an indisputable starting status. Tchouameni will probably not be for his debut in an official match with Real against Eintracht Frankfurt in the European Supercup. “The starting XI will look like last seasonwarned Carlo Ancelotti at the end of July. You have to start the season by winning the Supercup” The Madrid coach should not touch his Bermuda Triangle. Casemiro, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric remain untouchable in Madrid. Logic. Real have won their last eight finals when this trio was lined up from the start of the match. And lost the one where it wasn’t.

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It is the law of the middle. The old guard remains unstoppable. Tchouameni knew where he was stepping when he joined the White House. He will not be the key element of the midfield that he was in Monaco. At least not immediately. Patience is the price to pay to win in the most demanding club in the world. Tchouameni is only 22 years old. He has plenty of time ahead of him to achieve this. And a favorable context. “Since the return of Ancelotti, the environment has never been so healthy at Realunderlines José Arronis, journalist of the site It will be easy for Tchouameni to adapt with the example of Eduardo Camavinga and Karim Benzema as a benchmark leader.”

Seducing Carlo Ancelotti and dislodging Casemiro: Aurélien Tchouameni put to the test of time at Real Madrid

Credit: Marko Popovic

The rising star of the Blues is nonetheless at the very beginning of a long road. But its first steps are already promising. The former Monegasque was able to gain momentum between the two friendly matches against Barça (0-1) and America (2-2) at the end of July. “Tchouameni was better on this matchestimated Ancelotti after the draw against the Mexican club. I think it’s a different environment from Casemiro. He has the quality to accelerate and project himself towards the goal. We saw that against Barcelona he had more problems with the ball, that he had to position himself better.”

Casemiro, the first but not the only competitor

When it comes to Tchouameni, it is also about Casemiro. If Real recruited the Frenchman, it was above all with a view to making him the Brazilian’s successor as a sentry in Ancelotti’s 4-3-3. Even if the versatility of the ex-Bordeaux allows him to also aim for playing time in a torchbearer role. “He is Casemiro’s understudy first and he will have a lot of opportunities in his position because the Brazilian is aggressive and takes a lot of cards.ahead José Arronis. But he will also be in place of Kroos and Modric. They’re still on top, but they’ll need a rest.”

“With Tchouaméni, Real is winning its youth bet”

Waiting and seizing the slightest opportunity when one of Real’s three midfielders in their thirties fails is the challenge that awaits Tchouameni for his first year in Madrid, even if each season can reveal its surprises. But the competition does not stop at the three holders of the Madrid midfielder for the Habs. Camavinga went before him and precisely showed this ability to make an immediate impact off the bench last year. To a lesser degree, Federico Valverde can also threaten his playing time, although the versatile Uruguayan could retain that hybrid midfield role on the right side of the attack where he was so valuable last spring.

“To succeed, to win… he has that in him”

But Tchouameni has some great qualities to show off. Starting with this natural power, further developed thanks to the remarkable physical work of the Monaco staff last season, which has already impressed the Real staff and all the observers during the pre-season. He took care to prepare his body well which allowed him to become one of the best recoverers in Europe for the challenge of Real. “He came to Los Angeles this summer for his vacation, but mostly to worktold his physiotherapist and osteopath, Fabrice Gautier, in an interview with Marca. He played 57 matches last season and had to ‘clean’ his body to relaunch his preparation.”

This is perhaps the main asset of Tchouameni to achieve the ambitious goal of making his mark at Real. “He is a hard worker, he will work hard because he wants to succeed, to win… He has that in him“, continues Fabrice Gautier. This requirement is one of the major reasons which pushed the merengue club to recruit him. It has already allowed him to quickly trace his route to the prestigious Spanish institution, beyond his qualities as a footballer, with a champion’s mind that will be essential for him to stand the test of time, is the key to becoming a legend in the White House.

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