qui est Issa Kaboré, le prometteur latéral de Manchester City annonce à l'OM ?

qui est Issa Kaboré, le prometteur latéral de Manchester City annonce à l’OM ?

After Jonathan Clauss a few weeks ago, OM are preparing to register a new recruit as right-back, in the person of Issa Kaboré. A different profile from the ex-Lensois, more spirited, but less disciplined.

He should soon join OM, in the form of a loan, to digitally replace Pol Lirola in the Marseille squad. At 21, Issa Kaboré is a great promise of the City group as a right side (or piston). Burkinabe international (27 caps), the player was quickly thrown into the deep end of football. In Belgian D1 first, in Mechelen, then in Ligue 1 last season. He had his first selection with Burkina Faso on September 4, 2019, at just 18 years old.

During CAN 2022, he stands out from his teammates and is one of the best Burkinabés: he even offers three assists during the competition. Loaned last season by Manchester City to Troyes, the cousin of Charles Kaboré, also passed by OM, has the experience of Ligue 1, and his adaptation time should therefore be shortened. He arrives a priori as a double for Jonathan Clauss.

Attacking and aggressive full-back

Like the old Lensois, it is a pure piston with the advantages and the small disadvantages of the profile. Namely that he is not always comfortable defensively.

A modern full-back, Issa Kaboré however has an above-average technical level, which he knows how to put to use for his team’s offensives, systematically carrying danger on his right side. Very fast, he has a fairly exceptional explosive capacity allowing him to almost always make the difference. Very comfortable in the one against one, he compensates for his somewhat frail physique with a great aggressiveness, sometimes pushing it to the limit.

In 31 Ligue 1 games last season, the Burkinabe side picked up 6 yellow and two red cards. He took his first red card on the second day against Clermont. Very annoyed from the start of the match, he had nothing to do with instructions from Laurent Batlles who asked him to calm down. Several times at the limit, he ended up unpinning and taking two yellow cards in 14 minutes, to leave his teammates at 10 against 11 from the 39th.

He took his second red card, direct this time, on the last day against Lorient. This is Kaboré’s main room for improvement: he must be more disciplined and channel his energy. In this area, Igor Tudor could do him the greatest good.

Defensively perfectible

More than a right side, Issa Kaboré is a right piston, less comfortable in a four behind system. If his offensive qualities are undeniable, the Burkinabe international has more difficulty managing the opposing attacks on his side, especially behind his back, where he leaves a lot of space, which his speed is not always enough to fill.

Not always solid on his support, he can let himself be overwhelmed, even if his athletic qualities compensate for certain shortcomings. By gaining discipline, he has a lot of room for improvement defensively, to become a more complete side, capable of shining in different systems.

What status at OM?

Engaged in all competitions, OM must have a quantitative workforce, and the recruitment of Issa Kaboré goes in this direction. Faster than Jonathan Clauss, Issa Kaboré does not have the quality of foot of the French international, nor his regularity at the high level. Players offer two different piston profiles, one faster, the other more precise, which can largely complement each other in a squad. Issa Kaboré could be very interesting coming in late in the game against defenses that are already physically blunt.

More than an understudy, Issa Kaboré is capable, with his qualities, of opposing real competition to Jonathan Clauss, provided that he works on his weak points. One thing is certain, Olympique de Marseille should present themselves for the 2022-2023 financial year with two high quality right pistons, boding well for a season that could be trying.

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