PSG-Nantes (4-0) : "Si on va bien tous les trois, Paris ira bien" : en attendant Mbappé, Messi et Neymar déjà affûtés

PSG-Nantes (4-0) : “Si on va bien tous les trois, Paris ira bien” : en attendant Mbappé, Messi et Neymar déjà affûtés

And to think that Kylian Mbappé, suspended, stayed warm at home. The world champion, from his sofa, must have enjoyed, like many people, his team’s recital during the Champions Trophy, with this great success 4 goals to 0. And smile to see that his two friends from attack, Lionel Messi and Neymar, seem more in pace than ever, as the season is about to start.

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At the Bloomfield stadium in Tel Aviv, the Argentinian, the evening’s first scorer, and the Brazilian, who scored twice, fully participated in giving Paris-Saint-Germain their first trophy of the season. “It was a good match, a good day, we played well, congratulations to the whole team. We showed that we deserved to win, it gives us a trophy”rejoiced, at the microphone of First videoNeymar, announced leaving this summer, and author of a splendid free kick for the 2-0, which Messi left him.

Champions Trophy

“Settings”, offensive expression without Mbappé… What to expect from PSG against Nantes


The latter had taken advantage of a deflected pass from “Ney” to hook Lafont from the left and catapult the ball from the right, thus opening the Parisian festival. Author of two goals, his 101st and 102nd with the capital club, and a decisive pass during the preparation, the former Barcelonan seems much sharper than last year, when he arrived at the end of the transfer window, before experiencing a difficult adaptation to Ligue 1.

Not a “new Messi” claims Neymar

Less comfortable in the one against one, he had certainly retained his quality of pass and his ability to break the lines, it is especially against the goal that we no longer recognized the Pulga, author of only five goals in the League 1. Asked if we might see a ‘new Messi’ this season, the Brazilian replied: “No, I don’t think so, people talk a lot, but they don’t know what’s going on inside”.

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“We see it day by day, Leo, it’s Leo, forever, he won’t change and he will always remain a player who makes the difference. I hope that this season, the three of us will stay and that everything will be fine for me, Leo and Kylian. If the three of us are fine, PSG will be fine.”said Neymar.

There must be a group dynamic, a team dynamic, and in that sense, on what we did over these 4-5 weeks of work, things went well

Christophe Galtier, he said he was delighted to see two of his three stars in such good shape as we approach a season where, once again, it is the Champions League that will serve as justice of the peace. : “It’s not a Galtier effect, I think they (Messi and Neymar) were also very heckled last season when they were champions of France. They are players that I have watched a lot, with who I discuss informally, there must be a group dynamic, a team dynamic, and in that sense, on what we did over these 4-5 weeks of work, things have well done”welcomed the former coach of ASSE and LOSC.

And in addition, Messi participates in the pressing!

Beyond their contribution in attack, Galtier knows that it is on their defensive involvement that one of the keys of the season will be played. This Sunday, the two players were more serious and involved than at certain times last season: “Afterwards, you have to let them express themselves. They have a lot of talent, you have to insist on replacing them, to prevent the team from being cut in two. There are still some things to improve, but overall I’m both satisfied with the preparation, satisfied with the victory tonight, but also with the state of mind. They didn’t miss any training session, and that’s important.”explained Galtier.

It is clear that it is not the same PSG that we saw last season

“When they lose the ball, they are able to press high, you see a lot of freshness in this team and when you see happy players on the pitch, they are effectiveabounded the defeated coach of the evening, Antoine Kombouaré. It’s clear that it’s not the same PSG that we saw last season.”.

But the presence of Pablo Sarabia, who came to replace Messi for a few phases, and the fact that Kylian Mbappé, also less involved in the so-called “ungrateful” work, will be in place of the Spaniard for the rest of the season, leaves there are still some doubts about the balance proposed by the 3-4-1-2 that Galtier wishes to establish. “Kylian is a world-class player, he is very important in this new PSG project. Obviously, with the stats he was able to have last season, he will be a major asset in our attacking sector”limited himself to answering the Parisian coach.

“We saw a very great PSG today, and if they play like that all season they will be unbeatable, hats off to them”preferred to retain Moussa Sissoko, one of the beaten Nantes residents. Something to remind the 19 other Ligue 1 clubs that with a trio at this level, the coming year promises to be long.


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