PS5: The big game releases of the end of 2022

PS5: The big game releases of the end of 2022

Game News PS5: The big game releases of the end of 2022

Like gamers, during the summer, the video game industry goes on vacation. Outings are becoming rarer and it is necessary to wait until the start of the school year in September for the calendar to return to its usual rhythm. On PlayStation 5 – as on other platforms – the end of the year promises to be busy! If you’re wondering what’s on the way at Sony, you’ve come to the right place.

The selection of games in this article is presented to you in chronological order. Good reading !

Saints Row

We start right away with the return of a well-known license, Saints Row, whose new part does not even have a number. The title developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver is announced clearly like a reboot and it is not to displease us. With the city of Santo Ileso, in the southwestern United States, as the game setting, the saga will soon reconnect with the offbeat atmosphere and uninhibited gameplay that characterizes it so much. “In this world (…) where factions fight for power – a band of young friends from nothing begin their own criminal adventure for glory and success” explains the official site. Heavy in perspective!

  • Release date : August 23, 2022

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

We continue with another well-known license, but which returns in a form that we did not necessarily expect: Lord of the Rings Gollum. You will have understood it, here – the main hero is Gollum, the creature that drops “my precious” all the time. The adventure will allow you to discover details “that have not yet been told” about him, explain the developers: like his slavery in the Dark Tower or his stay with the Elves of the Mirkwood. What’s more, we are here in the presence of an authentic infiltration game – original for Lord of the Rings – with an impact of the choices on the personality of Gollum. Everything promises.

  • Release date : September 1, 2022

The last of us part 1

Who says busy back to school says major licenses – and who says major licenses on PS5 says The Last of Us. Yes, just with the first episode, the Naughty Dog and Sony series has become a must. In September: players will be able to discover The Last of Us Part 1, a remake of the original adventures of Ellie and Joelreleased in 2013. On the program, no change in the script, but completely reworked visuals, worthy of The Last of Us Part 2! The sets and especially the faces are now more believable than ever. We can’t wait to play it.

  • Release date : Sep 2, 2022

Requiem from a plague tale

Definitely, the end of the year holds some nice surprises and the next on the list is none other than A Plague Tale Requiem. Yes yes: the sequel to the well-known A Plague Tale Innocence which seduced the press and players when it was released three years ago. The Asobo studio is thus back to tell the remains of the adventures of Amicia and Hugo her brother. “Fleeing their painful past, (they, editor’s note) travel south (…) and try to make a new start there and control Hugo’s curse” tell us the developers. What to discover new sets, this time even more impressive technically. Rats and the plague will be part of it!

  • Release date : Oct 18, 2022

Gotham Knights

Tired of heroes and want more super? Well that’s good, because Gotham Knights will also arrive at the end of the year. If you don’t know the project, it’s an action and RPG game in open world in the DC comics universe – taking place in the city of Gotham. Yep, the city that Batman is supposed to protect. But here, the famous Dark Knight has passed the gun on the left and it’s up to the Batman Family (Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin) to take over. On the program, action and several playable heroes. It will be solid!

  • Release date : Oct 25, 2022

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Yes: like every year, a new Call of Duty will arrive before the end of the year. This time it’s Modern Warfare 2, the reboot sequel to Modern Warfare released in 2019 (and not the one from the early 2010s, don’t get confused). Players will therefore have the opportunity to reconnect with the famous Special Unit 141, three years after the events of the previous opus. Ghost, John Prince, their friends will have to stop a terrorist plot that threatens the United States. The title will emphasize new phases of gameplay as well as a still very realistic treatment.

  • Release date : Oct 28, 2022

God of War Ragnarok

Obviously, for the end of the year on PS5, it is impossible to escape God of War Ragnarok, the sequel to the excellent God of War released in 2018. A new episode obviously highly anticipated, which will mark the continuation of the adventures of Kratos, the God of War – and his son Atreus. And when we know what happened at the end of the last part, we are entitled to expect a epic tale. The two heroes will have to face the dreaded Ragnarok (the end of the world in Norse mythology) and cross all of the Nine Kingdoms. In other words, we can’t wait to discover more.

  • Release date : 9 Nov 2022

The Callisto Protocol

With the end of the year, the low heat will make us shiver, but something else will be the cause. We are of course talking about The Callisto Protocol, a new horror game from Glen Schofield, creator of the legendary Dead Space series. The man will thus mark a return to everything that made him successful in the past: lonely fear in spaceagainst very aggressive monsters. “The player will embody Jacob Lee, a man victim of his destiny sent to rot in the Black Iron prison, a maximum security penitentiary located on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter” explains the man and his studio. It is most certainly a new reference of the genre that is announced!

  • Release date : 2 Dec. 2022

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Reunion

Want more cult series? So why not let yourself be tempted by Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Reunion. Yup, it’s a remake / remaster of the famous Crisis Core released in 2008 on PSP (it does not make us any younger). On the program, a new game engine, completely redone 3D models, complete dubbing and new musical arrangements. More than enough to (re)discover the adventures of Zack Fair – member of SOLDIER, where he met the famous Cloud. Prepare your wallet for the winter holidays, it looks hot.

  • Release date : End of 2022

Hogwarts Legacy

The best for last – as they say! Impossible not to have heard of the Legacy of Hogwarts – or Hogwarts Legacy in VO – the highly anticipated RPG set in the world of Harry Potter. But in this adventure that takes place in the 1800s: the most famous bespectacled wizard and his friends will not be part of it. The player, who can create his hero from A to Z and follow courses, will have to trace his own path, while an ancient magic awakens. You will therefore have all the joys of the open world, with Hogwarts and its surroundings to explore!

  • Release date : End of 2022

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