PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

Game News PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

Back to school is here and, behind it, perhaps a very nice vacation period for you. That’s life and you don’t always do what you want: nevertheless, when you see the string of games planned for the whole month of September, it is clear that you can’t get out of it if wrong. Something to take comfort in!


  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R
  • Train Sim World 3
  • Metal: Hellsinger
  • SBK 22
  • Session
  • Valkyrie Elysee
  • FIFA 23

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R

PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

10 years after its arrival on PlayStation 3, this punchy fighting game is back in an ultimate edition on home consoles, and as much to say that there is plenty to do. On the program: fifty different characters from the famous franchise, skills to choose from to optimize your combat, a slightly updated and better oiled gameplay, various and varied game modes (like the All-Stars Battle mode allowing you to relive the events of the anime or the versus mode with 1v1, 2v2 and even 3v3)not to mention a nice graphical smoothing. In short, there is plenty to do, we told you.

Pre-order JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R on PS4 for €49.99

Train Sim World 3

PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

Coming from a series which, out of the blue, is beginning to date and to master its formula extremely well, Train Sim World 3 is neither more nor less than a railway worker simulation. With a first-person view, we will therefore have to drive trains and bring them to safe harbors by opting for dozens and dozens of routes, including necessarily some new ones for this new iteration. The same goes for the trains themselves, which are even more numerous. Oddly addictive, this is the kind of game with a much larger community than you’d think and here its even more generous content and authenticity make it a title to watch closely. And for the uninitiated, a whole new mode is offered so that you can learn how to get by gently. And why not, after all.

PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

If you like big metal that stains and beat demons in a satanic and post-apo atmosphere, then already, you are probably a Doom fan and we congratulate you. This is precisely why you should pay attention to Metal: Hellsinger, a very naughty FPS in which the protagonist, inhabited by an uncontrollable thirst for revenge, will attack the forces of hell with great shotgun blows and other joys. Its rather original particularity – because yes, it takes one to avoid being accused of plagiarism – is that its fast-FPS side also mixes with the “musical” game. It will thus be necessary to shoot in rhythm with the soundtrack and the more we manage to synchronize with the OST (heavy metal that stains, we remind you), the more it intensifies and the more powerful we become. . Un concept that promises chaotic action and that, we like.

SBK 22

PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

If you like motorsports, then maybe SBK 22 will catch your eye: it’s a cult franchise that surprisingly retired from racing for ten years. 2022 thus signs its big comeback and here is what deserves a serious look at its proposal : a big solo mode with the official WorldSBK 2022 championship with twenty-four drivers and twelve stages, authentic race weekends (with three days of free practice, races and various situations), great management of his bike with the possibility of optimizing it in depth, an AI that we are told is revolutionary thanks to a data collection system… without forgetting the multiplayer. In short, a promising simulation that we can’t wait to discover from this month of September 2022.


PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

Since Skate disappeared from the surface last decade, some have tried to replace it and Session is one of those pretenders to the throne: after years of early access on PC, the final release is finally due this month on and next-generation PC home consoles. We are therefore on a skate game whose open world can be traveled freely using your board and your imagination, a myriad of tricks being offered. We will emphasize the very authentic aspect with a “fish-eye” type camera and precise gameplay based on the following concept: each stick of the controller represents a foot, which we will have to learn to manage to perform tricks. Note that Session is defined as a game “by skateboarders for skateboarders”, which does not necessarily make it ultra-accessible… but no less integrated.


PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

First released as an Xbox exclusive earlier this year, TUNIC will finally make its way to Sony’s console in September and truth be told, that’s great news. : it’s a fantastic surprise in the form of an action-RPG in isometric view, largely inspired by The Legend of Zelda formula. As a reference, there are worse and besides, everything this game developed by a Canadian named Andrew Shouldice does really well. It’s beautiful, addictive, cute and there are even Darl Souls vibes: in short, it’s a future must-have for the PlayStation Store. We can only advise you too well, he who collected the nice score of 17/20 in our columns.

Valkyrie Elysee

PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

We’ve known the Valyrie series for its J-RPGs for a long time, but this Elysium opus will change the situation: this time it’s a nag action game, very punchy in which RPG mechanics will be added. It embodies an apostle of the god Odin, responsible for fighting big bad guys and, ideally, avoiding the Ragnarok which threatens the whole world. On the gameplay side, we are therefore on something that takes the guts with a combo system, allowing you to fill a “divine arts” gauge, powerful techniques that are damn spectacular. We can also improve our weapons and our combos, while the artistic aspect is not forgotten with in particular a soundtrack produced by the respected Motoi Sakuraba.

Pre-order Valkyrie Elysium at €59.99 instead of €69.99 on PS4


PS4: 8 games to watch in September 2022

We are entitled to it every year and for 2022, it will therefore fall on September 30: Electronic Arts will deliver its behemoth FIFA 23. So, what’s new for this umpteenth vintage? Even deeper technology thanks to HyperMotion2, allowing for in-depth realism, but also all teams and licenses updated with in particular women’s clubs. PSo to speak, there are 19,000 players, 700 teams, over 100 stadiums and over 30 competitions. Not to mention the FUT mode. With that, you should hold out until next year without too much trouble.

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