Procès de Benjamin Mendy : une plaignante aurait été violée plusieurs fois en une nuit

Procès de Benjamin Mendy : une plaignante aurait été violée plusieurs fois en une nuit


On the sixth day of Benjamin Mendy’s trial, one of the alleged victims of the French footballer told the court in Chester (England) the story of the rapes she allegedly suffered in one night in October 2020.

Another damning testimony. The day after the version of the first alleged victim of Benjamin Mendy, a second complainant told, this Thursday, to the jury of the trial of the French international, the rapes of which she would have been the victim in October 2020 in the house of the player. In a recording, the young woman, aged 20, first explained that she met Benjamin Mendy and friends during an evening in a bar.

She and her friends who accompanied her that evening were then invited to the home of the 2018 world champion. Once there, Mendy would have seized the girl’s phone, accusing her of having taken photos. He would have gone to his room, pursued by the alleged victim who wanted to recover his laptop. The door, which opened by fingerprint, then closed behind them.

She was allegedly raped three times in 20 minutes

“I want my phone, I don’t know what you’re thinking. I don’t want to make love with you. I just want to leave”, she would have said to the former Monegasque. And according to her words, the latter would have retorted to her: “Anyway, the door is locked”, as if to indicate to her that she was trapped.

While the complainant repeated her desire to leave the premises, Benjamin Mendy would then have forced her to undress, declaring: “I just want to look at you, I promise I won’t touch you. (…) I just want to look at you. You can’t leave anyway.” Then after throwing her on the bed, he allegedly raped her three times in 20 minutes. “It’s okay, I’m just going to insert myself for a few minutes,” he reportedly told her.


The young woman, who claims to have tried everything to free herself, also indicated that Mendy asked her to put his penis in her mouth. “My body was so tense, I was in a lot of pain,” she said, claiming to have bled after these forced reports. “I said no a lot of times, that’s what really makes me angry,” added the one who filed a complaint three weeks later.

The player would have boasted of having slept with “10,000 women”

She later claimed the defender called her “shy” and bragged about having slept with “10,000 women”. He would also have tried to obtain her silence. “Don’t tell anyone and you can come back every night,” he said. “As if it had been a privilege to come every night to do this with him,” said the young woman.

The day after the alleged rapes, she said she received a message on the social network Snapchat from the player, with a series of question marks, and from his friend Louis Saha Matturie, also accused of eight rapes and four sexual assaults on eight women in that case. “Are you fine ? Call me please, let’s talk, ”he wrote to her. But she didn’t answer them. She nevertheless took screenshots before blocking the numbers.

Benjamin Mendy is accused of eight rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault.Benjamin Mendy is accused of eight rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault.

Questioned later during cross-examination by Benjamin Mendy’s lawyer, the young woman maintained her entire version of the facts, assuring that she had been drinking but that she was not drunk. And to declare: “It is the most traumatic thing that has happened to me”. Adjourned a few moments later, the trial of Benjamin Mendy, accused of eight rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault by seven women, must resume this Friday.

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