PPDA completely crazy in “underpants and socks”: he wanted this actor “to death”!

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor is known to be a essential personality of the PAF. And not only since for some time the TV host has been accused of assault by around twenty women. If he is presumed innocent, the fickle side of PPDA is common knowledge.

Moreover, Le Parisien recently dedicated a portrait to him entitled “The PPDA years: Patrick’s double life”. The article in question appeared on July 26 and talks about the star’s affair with his mistresses. Among them, the director of “Central Beijing” (1986) where Yves Rénier plays PPDA.

PPDA “monkey in underwear and socks”

In the 90s, Pierre Poivre d’Arvor had a relationship with Camille de Casabianca. It was then his mistress. Indeed, at that time, PPDA was already married for more than 10 years with Véronique Courcoux. If at the start the 2 lovers were discreet, the press got involved.

“Our affair was not a secret. We had been paparazzed by the celebrity press, ”said the interested party, without remorse, on this subject.


Anyway, part of their romance inspirational service for a movie. This is “Peking Central”, released in 1986. As a reminder, it was Camille de Casabianca who was in charge. And to interpret the role of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, she chose theFrench actor Yves Renier.

If the fiction filmed in China has had some success, PPDA does not validate a scene according to Le Parisien. Like what, the journalist would have wanted “to death” to Yves Rénier for having “imitated it in underpants and socks”. A resentment that the actor does not seem to understand, concluding that PPDA “has no humor”.

PPDA and Véronique Courcoux

Although he went elsewhere many times, Pierre Poivre d’Arvor was married to only one woman. It is Veronique Courcouxwho, in addition to being his wife, is the mother of 6 of his 7 children. However, some rumors say that the couple would have divorced, but PPDA denied this.

“My father has an extraordinary wife. He doesn’t notice it all the time. It would be good, with the years to come, that he would pay more attention to her, ”said his eldest daughter, Dorothée, on this subject.

Thus, even if they are still husband and wife, PPDA and Véronique Courcoux would have a complicated relationship. However, the two have known each other for a very long time. They met in 1962, in Brittany. Pierre was then 15 years old and Véronique was 20. At 16, PPDA became father of a daughter out of wedlock.

“There was a bit of a difficult period. It was frankly difficult for my parents, as for Véronique’s parents. We cannot say that it was received exceptionally, as today we would, no”, he confided in 2014, in “The unexpected parenthesis” (France 2).

A father who is not proud

If PPDA and Véronique Courcoux married in 1971after that they enlarged their family. In all, they have 6 children together. After Dorothée, they had the joy of having Arnaud (1972), Tiphanie (1974), Solenn (1975), Garance (1980) and Morgane (1981).

Note, however, that not all of them survived. Tiphanie suffered from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. As for Garance, she was stillborn. And Solenn committed suicide when she was 20, in 1995. Of course, these consecutive dramas marked PPDA forever, which took refuge in writing.

This is also how his book “She was not here” was born in 1997. A real success, because the journalist upset his readers. In fact, Pierre Poivre d’Arvor seems to be guilt-ridden. Like what, he is aware of his flaws does not seem at all to be proud of the father he is.

“I was not extraordinarily present during their childhood because the job ate me,” he said.

These words, PPDA pronounced them on the couch of Marc-Olivier Fogiel. Let us recall that at the time, the one who is accused of assault was a hit on TF1. Her busy schedule prevented her from spending time with her children. Anyway, since May 2022 it has been definitely away from the antenna.

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