PPA DIGITAL: work-study at the heart of studies, a real guarantee of success

PPA DIGITAL: work-study at the heart of studies, a real guarantee of success


By The Fab Studentpublished on February 11, 2022

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PPA Business School launches PPA DIGITAL, a Grande Ecole of online digital marketing based on work-study training, a major asset in student success. How is it organized? What are the benefits? Explanations.

At a time when companies are taking a digital shift and are looking for profiles capable of developing a digital strategy and handling dedicated tools, PPA Business School is launching PPA DIGITAL, a school dedicated to digital marketing. The three cycles – Bachelor, Master and MBA – take place alternately. This device is the strength of PPA DIGITAL’s teaching since it professionalizes the students, who are then certain to climb the ladder essential to their success.

Total immersion for undeniable success

Within PPA DIGITAL, work-study programs set the pace for students. The latter dedicate one day a week to e-learning and the other four to the company hosting them. An immersion that meets the needs and reality of businesses and allows students to maximize their chances of success.

Indeed, what could be more essential than putting theory into practice? Thanks to the work-study programme, effective from the first year of the Bachelor’s degree and up to the MBA, the students are confronted with the reality on the ground. In business, they will be given missions in accordance with theoretical learning, ranging from the development of a digital strategy to the use of digital tools and social networks. An excellent way to enrich your knowledge and transform it into skills, but also to use your experience to excel in class and become more professional.

Training in “blended learning”

Students benefit from teaching with a strong particularity: it takes place remotely and in complete autonomy, punctuated by face-to-face seminars on the campuses of Paris, Lyon, Lille, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes and Toulouse. Thus, students enjoy real freedom which gives them the opportunity to live where they wish and to join, as part of their work-study program, a company based anywhere in France.

Indeed, they are invited to participate in seminars several times a year. This so-called “blended learning” pedagogy, which combines face-to-face training and distance learning, is specific to PPA DIGITAL and allows students to choose the framework in which they wish to evolve. Their studies adapt to them, not the other way around.

Tailor-made support to find the work-study of your dreams

In order for students to integrate the professional world that attracts them, PPA DIGITAL accompanies them in the search for their work-study program. The follow-up involves a lot of advice, a professional teaching team available and attentive and the “PPA’s Touch”, coaching dedicated to the creation of the CV, the cover letter, the LinkedIn profile, which also combines preparation for interviews. This method has proven itself and leads students, perfectly supervised, to achieve their objectives.

In addition, PPA DIGITAL benefits from a large and flourishing network of partner companies of PPA Business School and the GES Network (Grandes Ecoles Spécialisés) to which the two structures belong. Also, events dedicated to the search for companies are organized by PPA DIGITAL in order to facilitate the connection between students and companies and, by extension, recruitment. Finding a work-study program has never been easier!

A professional training for multiple outlets

The professionalization that the work-study program promises makes a big difference since the experience acquired allows students to stand out on their CV, find a job more easily at the end of their studies and enter the professional world with the assurance and the talent needed.

Thus, the alternation, strong point of PPA DIGITAL, trains operational experts in digital marketing, then equipped with a qualitative and professional theoretical experience which allows them to claim a diversified panel of professions such as traffic manager, digital marketing manager, web project manager, community manager, social media manager or even digital content manager.

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