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possible drop in graphics card prices


According to rumors, AMD and Nvidia will very soon reduce the price of their GPUs. Apparently, the purpose of this maneuver would be to liquidate the current stocks of these components.

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PC video game enthusiasts know this very well, the price of GPUs has increased significantly. One of the main reasons is the pandemic which has caused great shortage of several electronic components. On top of that, Covid-19 has had a negative impact on the shipping of products. Not to mention the strong demands from other tech sectors besides gaming, such as cryptocurrencywhich contributed to the price increase. Fortunately, these could well fall in the coming weeks according to a report from My Drivers.

A new generation of AMD and Nvidia GPUs

PC gamers have felt the effects of the pandemic well when AMD and Nvidia released their latest generation of GPUs. These are the 5000 and 6000 series from AMD as well as the 30 series from Nvidia. The fact is that a lots of players can not not upgrade their hardware. The high cost of these components is at the heart of the problem.

Currently, the possibility of a reduction in the price of graphics cards would mainly a business strategy. Concretely, destocking old GPUs is easier as long as the new generation hasn’t come out yet.

Legacy GPUs

Moreover, rumor predicts the price reduction on graphics cards from ADM and Nvidia from next month. Of course, players or professionals will always have the choice of waiting for new products.

Apparently the Radeon 7000 GPU from AMDet GeForce 40 Series from Nvidia will be on sale towards the end of the year. Moreover, the possibility that they are available from october is not to be ruled out. People interested in upgrading their computer hardware don’t have to wait long. However, wait for the release of this new generation graphics cards present fairly high risk.

Indeed, the costs of these products are still unknownwithout forgetting the cryptocurrency industry who also covets these graphics cards. However, the worst enemies of the players are resellers who want to generate profits on what will likely be limited offerings from AMD and Nvidia.

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GPU inventory liquidation

In recent years, manufacturers have done their best to avoid falling prices. However, this decision led to an accumulation of AMD and Nvidia GPUs. At this time, they would like to liquidate their existing inventory through a promotion.

Concretely, it is for this reason that the price drop is predicted for next month. The thing is, manufacturers want to sell their current inventory, not future shipments. Therefore, this promotion can take place in a few weeks or in a few days.

However, be careful not to hope for the deal of the century. In effect, GPU models which will be on promotion, just like the extent of this promotionstill remain a mystery. Also, don’t expect Nvidia’s Founders Edition to drop in price. Especially since this information should be taken with a grain of salt since these are mostly rumours.

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