Pokémon GO: you can now choose to save a Poké Ball with v0.245!  here's how

Pokémon GO: you can now choose to save a Poké Ball with v0.245! here’s how


New tips Pokémon GO: you can now choose to save a Poké Ball with v0.245! here’s how

Pokémon GO got a new update this week, and in addition to the few fixes it brought in a new feature. But it turns out that she’s not that new, having already made a brief appearance in 2018! We explain what it is, and especially how to activate it.

A feature from the past


The old Pokémon GO probably remember a feature that appeared at the beginning of the year 2018: remember the Poké Balls. Introduced with the version 0.89.1, this option allowed, as its name suggests, to keep the last type of Poké Ball used in memory for the next Pokémon encounter. The reception to this novelty has been quite mixed, and although many players have adopted it without problem, praising the ease of capture it allowed during Community Days, a group of unconvinced trainers demanded that it be removed.

According to Niantic, It was actually a “bug” which had slipped into an update and not a feature, and this was removed from the game in version 0.97.2. Since then, Pokémon GO has made its merry way and new players have joined the ranks of trainers, but some veterans still regret this famous “bug”. If you’re one of them, you’ll be happy to go to the version 0.245, because this marks the great return of the Poké Balls memory, and this time in the form of a disabling feature. Here’s how to access it:

Pokémon GO: you can now choose to save a Poké Ball with v0.245!  here's how

Firstly, you will have to update your game to be able to access this new feature (if you haven’t already). You will need the version 0.245.0-G-64 for Android and version 1.211.0 for iOS. The Android patch was released this week, and the one for iOS should be joining soon App Store. Once the update is installed, all you have to do is click on the Poké Ball at the bottom of the screenand select the menu “Options” top right. From this window, you will have access to several features, including “Remember the last Poké Ball”. This one is disabled by default, it will therefore be necessary to activate it manually in order to use it. This done, you can keep your choice of Poké Ball after an encounter.

Note that this feature only affects manual Pokémon captures, so it will have no effect on captures made with the Pokémon GO Plus wristband. Therefore, you can absolutely choose the classic Poké Balls for your captures with the bracelet, and keep your Super Balls and Hyper Balls for your manual captures. In any case, this new feature should help you during events like the Insectomania of August 10, 2022 and the Galar Zigzaton Community Day of August 13, 2022.

And you, what do you think of this feature? Are you one of the players who wanted to find her? Tell us everything in the comments!

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