Pisté par Longoria, il pourrait remplacer Alexis Sanchez !

Pisté par Longoria, il pourrait remplacer Alexis Sanchez !


To land at Olympique de Marseille, Alexis Sanchez broke his contract with Inter Milan. To replace him in the Italian club, Dries Mertens would be tracked!

Several names of players revolved around Olympique de Marseille during this summer transfer window 2022… In July, it was that of Dries Mertens who returned insistently but the Belgian never came in the end.

In recent days, it is the Alexis Sanchez file which is becoming more and more thick. The Chilean international should land after reaching an agreement with Inter for a breach of contract against 5 million euros.

Sanchez at OM, Mertens at Inter?

Musical chair game, Dries Mertens is in the sights of Inter to take the place of Alexis Sanchez! After leaving Napoli, the Belgian striker has still not found a club but is not against staying in Serie A.

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He was also in discussions with Salernitana, the club where Franck Ribéry plays. Inter at least have the advantage of playing in the Champions League next season after finishing second just behind AC Milan.

What is missing in the recruitment of Longoria according to Rovera!

“There is a consistency in what the project is… Yes, I have always said that the objective of OM and Longoria was to have two young people to train to sell to big clubs and therefore make investments. We have to show that Olympique de Marseille manages to create, buy young people and sell them at a higher price, but there is also the search for results. In this logic, we can understand that this year there are 30-year-old players arriving like Gigot, Clauss who is not a young person on whom we can make an added value but he is coming out of Ligue 1 and he is international. You will also take, perhaps, an Alexis Sanchez who would be a rather concrete lead with a chance of finding the one who had a good season with Conte at Inter Milan… There is a complementarity with these young people like Touré for example and the experienced ones who will perform right away. We are at stage 2 of the Longoria project. Take young people for added value and consolidate a team to get results. Qualification in the Champions League and maintaining competitiveness. But for me, this year, if we look at the workforce, if we look at the 11th incumbent… What will be the desire, the ambition, the determination… The Marseillais, the city, who want to see beautiful things, are missing a spark ! It lacks what Sampaoli brought by his character, his offensive all-in. It could be Gerson but I’m not sure of his continuity. I’m not convinced, he was a man from Sampaoli. He has to be with Igor Tudor. He had found a balance with Sampaoli, it must also be found with Tudor. I am not convinced that this spark will come from Guendouzi and on Payet, even if I understand the logic of putting him as the second attacker closer to the goal, I do not know if he will have the possibility of being this spark all the time -the. I validate the basic idea of ​​what OM is doing on the market with sales, but what I miss this year is the one that drives Marseille crazy! » Simone Rovera – Source: RMC, After Football (30/07/22)

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