Philippe Lacheau hit by critics on his films: "It was violent"

Philippe Lacheau hit by critics on his films: “It was violent”


PARIS, FRANCE - 01/31/2022: Actor Philippe Lacheau poses during a portrait session in Paris, France on 01/31/2022.  (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images)

Philippe Lacheau hit by critics on his films: “It was violent” (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images)


This Friday August 19, 2022, M6 is broadcasting “Babysitting”, a film written and directed by Philippe Lacheau. It’s one of the actor’s many successes that teems with ideas on the big screen. However, if he has known glory and glitter for a few years, he had to go through more difficult times, but also suffer the blow of harsh criticism from the public …

It was in 2014 that the film “Babysitting” was released on the big screen and caused a sensation. The French public thus discovers Philippe Lacheau and his band, made up of Élodie Fontan, his companion and mother of his child, but also his faithful friends who follow him in each of his scripts: Tarek Boudali, Reem Kherici, or even Julien Arruti. But before experiencing cinematic success in 2014, Philippe Lacheau worked hard to achieve his dream. And it was not done without concessions.

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A childhood dream and many pitfalls

“I’ve always wanted to make movies” insists Philippe Lacheau to anyone who wants to hear it. In February 2022, it was in an interview with Télé Loisirs that he returned to the origins of this devouring passion for the seventh art: “My father being an insurer and my mother a seamstress, they told me: ‘Pass your bac d’ on board !’ I wanted to make them proud and prove to them that I could do it. I had periods of doubt, without casting or money. I sold my car to pay the rent, I sometimes lied… but in the evening , I was writing. The script for Babysitting was done between two odd jobs.”

Seats are expensive. And Philippe Lacheau will quickly understand this, at his expense. Because if he succeeds in working on television, on the backstage side, it is difficult for him to break through on the other side: “Even working on TV, I had no contact. I did crazy things like sending 500 emails to random people at Pathé or in Luc Besson’s production company… If someone had the misfortune to answer me, I kept their name preciously to send them all my stories! I finally got it, it was Stars 80: I was playing the look-alike of Plastic Bertrand. I was like crazy when I went to see the film… and I discovered that my scene had been deleted! It was very hard but I didn’t give up. I then made an appearance, with friends Tarek Boudali and Julien Arruti, in L’Arnacoeur.” And then, in 2014, success finally knocked at his door. But with fame comes criticism, almost inevitably…

Heavily criticized films

Philippe Lacheau has always assumed: his credo is comedies for the general public, against a backdrop of incredible adventures. In 2017, he gave the reply to Tarek Boudali in “Marry me my friend”. The story of a young Moroccan student who, to preserve his student visa and complete his architecture studies in Paris, decides to marry his best friend. This time, the press went wild and downgraded the film directed by Tarek Boudali, accusing it of conveying homophobic ideas. Even personalities are getting into it, like Marina Foïs. “It annoys me when Lacheau and Boudali, who triumphed with Babysitting, a comedy that I love and which made millions of admissions, then do Marry me my friend. It’s a film that conveys worn-out clichés about homos and a Marais that no longer exists. It pisses me off, because I esteem them, that they have power and an audience. But our word is public. We have a responsibility, “she said to the time.

Five years later, Philippe Lacheau had responded to the controversy for Télé Loisirs: “I was especially sad for Tarek, for whom it was the first production. It was unfair. People had either not seen the film, is not understood what he wanted to say. Because precisely, he was making fun of two morons with clichés … “As for the more general criticisms of his way of making cinema, the actor and director knows how to protect himself: “Me criticisms, they don’t keep me awake. It’s the game and yes, sometimes, it’s not fun. But even if you do everything to distance yourself, it’s complicated not to read them .” And to concede that, sometimes, these burning criticisms have done him the greatest harm: “Where I was affected was when I fell on the announcement of ‘Nicky Larson and the perfume of Cupid ‘. Without having seen it, I was judged and I was already reproached for this adaptation.” So much so that the Lacheau clan was closely affected: “It was violent and my parents even closed their Twitter account at the time. Social networks go too far…” Regardless of the tenor of the criticisms, today oday, Philippe Lacheau wants more than anything to continue living his childhood dream.

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